GTA San Andreas Space Mod Latest Version Mod


GTA San Andreas Space Mod Latest Version Mod

The Fastest Boat"

Diaz owns the fastest boat on the East Coast , and he wants it to remain that way. there's a rumour that the boatyard has just completed making a faster boat for a few Costa Rican guy, and Diaz wants you to get it for him. confirm you've got many ammunition before getting to the boatyard. it'd be an honest idea to take a position in some armour also. Approach the boatyard cautiously,

GTA San Andreas Space Mod Latest Version Mod

it is guarded heavily. Kill as many of the guards as you'll from outside the boatyard, then enter once you can see no more. there's health at rock bottom of the steps south of the boathouse if you would like any. There are more guards down by the water, and that they are all heavily armed, so beware. Once all of the guards are eliminated, kill the mechanics inside the boathouse, and walk into the pink marker to trigger the switch which can lower the boat. you will need an important weapon at now to exterminate the remaining attackers, as they are available in large numbers. Get within the boat and return it to Diaz's mansion. you ought to have a 3-star wanted level by now , so be careful for any police boats.


he script allows you to take off on a rocket, see the boundaries of the game and something like pre-cosmic space.

Now in GTA San Andreas, you can fly outside the game (space), fly at huge speeds. First you need to select a place of landing with a marker on the map ...

To call a rocket: press the letter L and hold for 1 sec. During the flight, do not get out of the rocket! The rocket is gaining tremendous speed: about a million times more than the speed of the hydra.

Most observant users should notice some hidden & quot; stuff & quot; During the flight. At the highest point, your screen will float, glitch, but don’t panic - these are just & quot; limits & quot; games.

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 3MB 
File Name: Space Mod Latest Version 

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