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GTA San Andreas Open Downtown 3 New Business Mod


GTA San Andreas Open Downtown 3 New Business Mod

Bomb Da Base: Act ii

You recieve the precision rifle for this mission. If you've got never used the precision rifle before practice activating the sniper scope and concentrate and out. I strongly recommend the 'standard' contol system for this in order that you'll use the mouse to aim rather than your controller or the keyboard. this may make this mission much, much easier! Have your mouse sensitivity at rock bottom setting in order that you'll gain more accuracy from the sniper scope.

Once you've got practised and are confident with it, get in your car and await 8-ball to urge in also. Then drive to Portland Harbour using the radar for help do you have to need it.

You enter the harbour you'll see a blue marker ahead of you near the ocean fron where you want to park your car. Park the car facing the ship and await 8-Ball to urge out. As soon as he does your objective is to urge onto the roof of the warehouse, that's to your right, as quickly as possible. 8-Ball tells you he will await you to form the primary shot but he wont await ever! there's a staircase round the front of the warehouse (where Grus is) so drive around following the staircase to rock bottom . Keep your distance from the Cartel guarding the ship.

Make your high the staircase on foot as quickly as possible and onto the roof. Run to the sting of the roof in order that you've got an honest view of the entire ship. Now get your precision rifle out and and target the 2 cartel guarding the gangway to the ship on the dock side.

You should remove each Cartel by shooting them within the head. remove one among the cartel guarding the gangway and be warned that as soon as you are doing , 8-Ball will make a run it so quickly remove the opposite cartel who will probably move.

GTA San Andreas Open Downtown 3 New Business Mod

Move the viewer up in order that you'll see a gaggle of 4 red barrels. Shooting them will cause them to explode and remove the cartel standing near them. this suggests you'll remove the cartel quickly without having to spend precious seconds targeting on their heads.

Now work from left to right removing the cartel as quicky as possible. If one is firing at 8-Ball, confirm you're taking him out first. Remember! 8-Ball has no gun so you're his only defence.

There is anothter set of explosive barrels to the proper . Use these also to your advantage if a Cartel member is near by. confirm you kill all the Cartel. Keep your eye on 8-Ball once you've got all of them because one among them could also be hiding behind a crate. Once 8-Ball enters the ships bridge, you'll sit back and watch the fireworks as 8-Ball blows up the ship.

The best thanks to complete this mission is to be comfortable with the precision rifle contols. The quicker you'll target them and kill them the higher . If you're not proud of the controls, change them.

Alternatively you'll run on the ship, quake style, and take them out with the Uzi. But this is often harder than the precision rifle as 8-Ball can get within the way.

GTA San Andreas Open Downtown 3 New Business Mod

GTA San Andreas Open Downtown 3 New Business Mod
GTA San Andreas Open Downtown 3 New Business Mod

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