GTA San Andreas Manchester United House Of Fans


GTA San Andreas Manchester United House Of Fans

Last Requests

After berating the Cartel ship, Salvatore Leone are going to be pleased to ascertain you. Before you'll celebrate he wants you to require a car, with brains everywhere the within , to the car crusher to destroy the evidence.

Make your thanks to the car by using the purple dot on your radar as guidance. it's within the red light district. As you get a couple of blocks away you'll recieve a message on your pager from Maria. She tells you that you simply are being tricked and to not touch the car Salvatore has sent you to. She wants you to satisfy her at the slip way near the Callahan bridge.

GTA San Andreas Manchester United House Of Fans

Under no circumstances get within the car marked by Salvatore. As soon as you are doing you'll magnify . watching your radar you'll see a replacement , pink dot has appeared. this is often where you're to satisfy Maria so drive there in your own time. Dont worry nobody is after you yet. Once you get to the slipway throught the tunnel, park on the blue mark.

After the cutscene that explains what's happening and why Salvatore wants you dead you want to sail the boat across the channel to Staunton Island. Use your radar to navigate to the peer and stop on the blue mark. Mission complete.

GTA San Andreas Manchester United House Of Fans

you are now on Staunton Island. a replacement Island to play with. you'll revisit to Portland anytime as Callahan Bridge has now been mended. you'll also now take the subway or the tunnel which have now both been opened. Best start exploring again then! :)

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