GTA San Andreas Los Santos Hospital Textures Pc


GTA San Andreas Los Santos Hospital Textures Pc

In order to work out who was liable for the ambush, Rosenberg suggests meeting with the one that helped him found out the deal. His name is Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez, and he owns an upscale yacht in Ocean Beach. he's hosting a celebration which can be attended by all of Vice City's big players, and Ken is invited. Ken wants you to travel to the party and represent him, and see if you'll determine anything about the ambush. First, attend Rafael's and obtain an opportunity of garments.

GTA San Andreas Los Santos Hospital Textures Pc

Walk into the pink marker at the pier to trigger a cutscene. Cortez introduces himself and his daughter, Mercedes. He says he has already began making enquiries about the ambush to seek out the author , but he stresses that this stuff take time. Mercedes introduces you to the guests at the party - among them are Avery Carrington, BJ Smith, Steve Scott, Donald Love, Congressman Shrub, Pastor Richards and Candy Suxxx. Ricardo Diaz arrives at the party. He wants to try to to "business" with Mercedes, but she isn't interested and makes up an excuse instead. Drive Mercedes safely to the position Club to finish the mission and earn your first payment of $100.

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