GTA San Andreas Karl House Texture For Pc

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GTA San Andreas Karl House Texture For Pc

Marked Man

Got a quick car? Good. Got an excellent fast car? Even better. Ray Machowski may be a marked man and wishes to form his flight at the airport and you have only got 3 minutes to urge him there. You've never been to Shoreside Vale before so study the airport area on the map. Park outside the park toilets facing south, in order that you'll get a fast exit from the park.

Your not getting to be ready to use the bridge here. There are a few of FBI agents guarding the doorway carrying M-16's. no matter what car you've got , you'll be wasted before you'll get on the bridge.

There are two other ways to urge to Shoreside Vale within the timelimit. you'll take the road tunnel but it is a great distance around and there are FBI agents guarding the other end. They shouldnt hurt you an excessive amount of but if your car is wrecked once you begin of the tunnel, you risk it being blown up by the FBI agents.

GTA San Andreas Karl House Texture For Pc

A much easier route to require is thru the subway! Your not getting to catch a train, you haven't got time for that. Your getting to drive through it. So head for the terminal in Bedford Point at the south of the island.

Jump in your car and await Ray to urge in. Now drive as quick as you'll to the subway entrance avoiding all collisons.

GTA San Andreas Karl House Texture For Pc

Once you discover it, get yourself down there as quickly as possible being careful to not trash the car an excessive amount of . Get on to the tracks and drive west towards Shoreside Vale as fast as possible. Dont worry about the train. It travels within the same direction as you're going and there's no train coming the opposite way.

Get off at the primary station you come to. Get yourself carefully copy to street level, again trying to not trash the car. once you come up to the surface the airport drop off point is behind you. Drive down the steps to the road and follow it around to the blue marker.

Once you stop on the blue marker, Ray will then run into the airport. The mission isnt quite over just yet but the emergency is over. you've got to repel to Staunton to seek out the lockup that Ray tells you about. you'll use the bridge but there are FBI agents still at this end. those at the Stuanton end are now gone.

If your car isnt too wrecked otherwise you have another one, you'll be ready to make it passed them. Alternatively you'll use the subway again or remove the FBI agents with a precision rifle before passing them.

Once back to staunton, use the radar to seek out the lockup which contains money, weapons and a bullet proof Patriot. Nice!

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