GTA San Andreas Just Cause 3 Mod Pc

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GTA San Andreas Just Cause 3 Mod Pc

The Pick Up

A bit of gang warfare here as Toni asks you to select some money that the Laundrette, who you destroyed the vans of, has agreed to ante up But as you guessed its almost as easy as that.

Make sure youve got an honest gun like the uzi and many of ammo. Health and armour should be at a max as your getting to be within the firing line here.

Ok now head for the blue dot on your radar. this is often the situation of the briefcase containing the cash owed by the laundrette. The briefcase is true within the middle of a T-shaped alleyway. Run down the alleyway but dont devour the briefcase just yet. shop around you. There are three exits to the present area. North, south and east. Its the east one you would like to focus your attention on.

GTA San Andreas Just Cause 3 Mod Pc

As soon as you choose up the briefcase, a cutscene will show you a gang of triads grouping at each entrance and a van blocking the east entrance. As soon as you get control again you'll be told to kill all of them . All the triads that are to be killed have blue arrows pointing to them and a green dot on the radar. Dont kill any yet just run down the east alley and jump into the van as fast as you'll , running past all the triads within the way.

Once within the van accelerate away as quickly as possible so as to not get pulled out by another triad. Once you're sure you're not getting to be pulled out return and run over all of the triads with arrows above their heads. If any of the triads are still within the alleyway then either throw a grenade at them, shoot them or run them over during a car.

Once you've got killed all of them take care to not be attacked by the other triads who could also be around. You now need to return to Toni's with the cash , which is indicated by the pink dot on the radar if you cant remember the way to get there.

Once you walk throught the blue marker at Toni's Restaurant the mission is complete.

GTA San Andreas Just Cause 3 Mod Pc
GTA San Andreas Just Cause 3 Mod Pc

GTA San Andreas Just Cause 3 Mod Pc

How To Activate

CTRL + G to enable the Grappling Hook
CTRL + G to disable the Grappling Hook

Grappling Hook Controls
To be pulled by winch only points where to go and press F.
When you press F not release be holding up to get where you want

Toss in a vehicle or pedestrian then shoot again so that another vehicle or pedestrian to stick them

CTRL + E to De-attach the Vehicle (If it is attached to another Vehicle)
CTRL + P for Des-Attach Pedestrian (If it is attached on a Vehicle)

Warning: Always De-attach the attached Vehicle or Pedestrian, when you want to attach another Vehicle.

If So on top of a Vehicle press E to enter as a driver
If So on top of a Vehicle press R to enter the Vehicle and Passenger

WingSuit Controls
If you are in the air press G to activate the Wingsuit
If you want to stop flying with WingSuit press Space

Bombs Controls
Press B near vehicles or pedestrians to put the bomb on them.
Then wait and see What happens

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 4MB 
File Name: Just Cause 3

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