GTA San Andreas Invisiblity Mod For Pc


GTA San Andreas Invisiblity Mod For Pc

Smack Down

Your getting to need to drive extremely quickly here so get yourself a quick car like the Banshee or the Cheetah.

Kenji is furious with you. It seems that despite your attempts to prevent the Cartel making friends with the Yardies have failed. The cartel are now using the Yardies to sell their spank on the streets.

Kenji (this guy is so annoying) wants you to form it up to him by killing a least 8 Yardie drug dealers who are walking the streets. Get in your car and obtain going. there's no timer present on your screen but it's only a matter of your time before the Yardies begin disappearing off the streets.

There are not any tricks to use during this mission. you merely need to kill a minimum of 8 Yardies. Your radar points them bent you but its hard to ascertain which of them are closer. a number of them may appear to be grouped together on the radar but they might be very far apart.

GTA San Andreas Invisiblity Mod For Pc

Do your best to seek out them. Keep glancing at your radar when it's safe to try to to so and keep moving. once you see one it'll have a blue arrow pointing to him. Run him over at speed but try to not run other pedestrians over. You dont want the Police on your back.

Yardies tend to be in similar places everytime you are doing this mission but there are numerous it's hard to recollect where they're . If you discover a Yardie during a tricky place, remember him and if you've got to try to to the mission again you'll avoid this one.

Once you've got killed 8 the mission will keep going. for each extra Yardie after the 8th you kill, you'll recieve $1,000.

If you're watching a Yardie on the radar and you're thinking, "how do i buy there?" then ditch it and choose another one. You havent got time to seem around for a Yardie if he seems to be in an odd place.

If your car is on its last legs and you see another fast car driving by, car jack it now. If your does magnify you would possibly not find another fast car for ages.

This is the last of your missions for Kenji, thank god.


To activate invisibility mode, click "Ctrl"+"F"

To disable invisibility mode, click "Ctrl"+"G"

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 9MB 
File Name:Invisiblity Mod For Pc

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