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GTA San Andreas House Mod Leatest Version


GTA San Andreas House Mod Leatest Version

Additional information: This one may be a quite unique mission because it's optional and it doesn't count while calculating the present progress within the main plot. The premise of this one is that you simply help Jimmy who possesses into trouble, of his own fault.

Some time after the completion of mission 73, you ought to receive a call from Jimmy, while playing as Michael. During the conversation, you'll learn that Jimmy was kidnapped by the persons that he offended online. At the very end of the conversation, you would like to make a decision whether you would like to assist him or not, and it's a far better option, of course, to pick the previous .

GTA San Andreas House Mod Leatest Version

The car that Jimmy is being held in is traveling across the wilderness within the central a part of the map (Banham Canyon). After you compared to the SUV, start firing any weapon at it but, in accordance with the instructions that you simply get on the screen, try to not kill any of the abductors. After the car is sufficiently damaged, it should stop and therefore the abductors will start running. Ignore them and, instead, return with Jimmy to the present living place of Michael's family.

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File Name: Super Heroes Pack 2020

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