GTA San Andreas Head Lights V2.0 Pc Mod


GTA San Andreas Head Lights V2.0 Pc Mod

Under Surveillance

Here you'll meet Kenji. Asuka's brother who is curious about supplying you with work.

The FBI have positioned men at key locations round the city to spy on gang activities. Asuka needs a fast solution to the present problem so she wants you to kill them. they're indicated on your radar as green dots.

The precision rifle is required for this mission.

Head for the agents in Bellville Park indicated by the foremost northerly dot. The agents are standing on the small island within the middle of the boating pond. Keep your distance and take them out with the precision rifle .

The next agents are the toughest to urge . Head south from the park towards the west green dot. arising on your left you ought to see a black parked van within the fore court. Hit it as hard as you can!

Hopefully you'll turn it over but its unlikely . If the agents dont get out they're going to come after you. you would like the agents to urge out of the van in order that you'll run them over.

GTA San Andreas Head Lights V2.0 Pc Mod

Sometimes you're lucky and that they get out immediately and other times they create a relentless pursuit after you. Use your initiative and do what you'll to urge them to go away their vehicle. Pushing them in order that the van is facing into a wall usually gets them to bail.

If they wreck your car, then get into another one as soon as possible. Once they get out of the van, run them over. Dont be tempted to urge out and shoot them unless you're confident together with your shooting abilities they're carrying AK rifles which can make short compute of killing you. If all goes to plan, you shouldnt got to get out your vehicle.

Once they're dead, you would like to urge to the roof of Kenji's Casino in Torrington where the helicopter is. Use the steps at the front of the casino reach it. As you approach the highest of the staircase you'll notice the agents are all standing on balconies up the side of a skyscraper ahead of you.

You need to snipe them but dont shoot them from the highest of the steps becasue they will shoot you from this distance. Move to your left further away and take them out one by one to finish the mission.

GTA San Andreas Head Lights V2.0 Pc Mod
GTA San Andreas Head Lights V2.0 Pc Mod

GTA San Andreas Head Lights V2.0 Pc Mod

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 10MB 
File Name: Head Lights V2.0 Pc Mod

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