GTA San Andreas Handling Mod For Pc

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GTA San Andreas Handling Mod For Pc

Van Heist

This is your first ramming misson. A security van is moving across town after it's picked up its daily takings. Joey wants you to ram the safety van until the gaurds driving it get scared and bail. Then its up to you to drive the van to the lockup.

First off you're getting to need a vehicle with a touch of ramming power. the safety van is hard , so you'll need something a touch tough yourself like the patriot (hum-vee look-alike) or the hearth engine. Dont worry about speed because the safety van is extremely slow.

Although Joey mentions time as an element , there doesnt appear to be any deadline to the present mission.

The security van is marked by a purple dot. Make your thanks to the safety van and twiddling my thumbs once you see it. the safety van doesn't know that it's a target until you attack it so you'll follow it for a short time .

Bare in mind the subsequent things happen once you make contact with the van. Your wanted level will immediately go up, the safety van will attempt to make a getaway from you and it'll suffer damage which you'll see on the damage meter that has appeared on your screen. The guards will bail when the damage meter is full. Dont bother trying to the guards out yourself, the doors are locked. There are now two tactics that you simply can employ:

1. Smack the van to oblivion as fast as you can! this may damage it quickly and therefore the guards will bail sooner, but you'll attract more police attention. this manner you'll aquire a police wanted level of three but usually as long as you run over a couple of cops. Generally it stays at two.


GTA San Andreas Handling Mod For Pc

2. Gradually damage it, nudging it here and there. When your wanted level rises simply await it to disappear again. Bear in mind if your wanted level goes to 2 , then it wont drop until you complete the misson otherwise you find a police bribe. this manner is slower but safer, as its easier to require contol of the safety van, once the guards bail, without the threat of being shot or run over by the police once you are on foot.

However you manage to urge the guards to bail, jump within the security vans driving seat and you'll then see a pink dot appear on your radar. this is often the lockup joey wants you to go away the van in, which is situated in portland harbour.

So make your way there and once you enter the harbour you'll see the blue marker ahead of you. Its ahead of the garage that the van is to be parked and as soon as you stop thereon , the garage door opens and whatever wanted level you've got , is wiped. albeit the police are right behind you the wanted level is wiped.

The key to the present mission is to urge into the safety van as soon because the guards bail as once you're inside it its very difficult for the police to prevent you thanks to its toughness. Just confirm they dont pull you out!

Completing this mission unlocks the the El burro missons which may be found by using the blue phone icon on your radar.

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File Name:Handling Mod

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