GTA San Andreas Girlfriend Gang Mod For Pc


GTA San Andreas Girlfriend Gang Mod For Pc

Silence the Sneak

Ray may be a bent cop with variety of problems. one among which may be a man named McCaffery who has squealed on Ray. that's the rationale why he's hiding in some toilets within the park. Ray wants you to kill McCaffery who is under the witness protection program across town.

Make sure you've got grenades, full armour and health for this mission. Drive towards the destination using the radar as guidance. Once you discover the tiny garage area a brief cutscene will show you a window where the witness is suspected to be.

What is getting to happen here, is that you simply are getting to throw a grenade through the window. As soon because it explodes, the garage below the window will open and out will come a car carrying the witness and two policemen on foot.

Before you throw your first grenade you'll want to dam the east exit to the present area with an outsized vehicle. the rationale being that the car that emerges from the garage will happen here to form an escape. If you block this with something then you ought to stop or a minimum of slow the witness from escaping.

You could park a vehicle across the garage door but if you miss the window with the grenade, it'll sink and magnify your obstruction.

GTA San Andreas Girlfriend Gang Mod For Pc

Once your proud of your road blocks, park your car next to where your getting to throw the grenades. this is often so you'll jump within the car quick should the fleeing car make it past your road block. you'll need to chase after it during this case.

Throw your grenade and With any luck (or skill) you'll catch on in first time. If not keep trying, it'll enter . As soon because it goes in it'll explode and therefore the garage will open. Drop a grenade ahead of the car and hopefully it'll explode when the car is true on top of it.

If it doesnt catch on . Start throwing as many grenades at the car as possible. Dont throw a grenade and wait to ascertain if it takes the target. The more grenades thrown, the higher . As soon because the car starts burning, you've got him, but the witness may get out before it blows. If this is often the case run him over in your car or shoot him.

While all this is often happening you'll be being shot by the police on foot. Ignore them. Your armour will hold out against their gun fire. Your focus should get on the car.

This mission are often over during a matter of seconds from the instant you throw the grenade through the window so be ready. Usually if the witness makes it out onto the road I quit and check out again but be happy to travel after it. Its fairly tough to prevent it though.

How To Use

To activate the mod, click "7"

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 9MB 
File Name:Girlfriend Gang Mod For Pc

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