GTA San Andreas First Person Mod For Pc

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GTA San Andreas First Person Mod For Pc

Blow Fish

If you havent realised it from the missoin title, are required to magnify the triads primary source of income. The Fish Food Factory!

To do this. 8-Ball has rigged a 'trashmaster' with a bomb that you simply will need to drive to the factory under the deadline without suffering an excessive amount of damage. Drive to 8-balls to select up the trashmaster using the radar for help.

Once you get within the trashmaster, you've got two minutes to urge there and a damage bar that has got to not become full otherwise people are going to be picking your brains out of their hair.

GTA San Andreas First Person Mod For Pc

You are within the north-east of the island and therefore the fish food factory is within the south-west. Travelling in an anti-clockwise direction round the fringe of the town , using the twin carriageway is that the quickest and safest thanks to get to the fish food factory.

You should reach the factory with a moment to spare during which you want to await the gate to open and drive round the far end of the factory and park the rubbish truck on the blue marker. Dont worry about the triads walking about. They dont seem to recognise you within the trashmaster but they're going to once you exit . Press your fire button to activate the bomb then get out. Move away to a secure distance until the factory blows up to finish the mission.

Get in one among the fish vans to exit the factory as was common . Taking care because the triads are now aware if you presence. If there are any left!

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