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GTA San Andreas EScort Mod For Pc


GTA San Andreas EScort Mod For Pc

Mike Lips Last Lunch

The Forelli brothers owe Joey money whom has become bored of expecting it to be repaid. you want to take 'Lips' Forelli's car, catch on rigged with a bomb and replace it within the deadline .

This is easier than it sounds as you're given quite enough time to try to to this in, unless you drive sort of a maniac. Drive to Marco's Bistro at the highest of Capitol Hill in Saint Mark's using the radar as guidance.

GTA San Andreas EScort Mod For Pc

There you'll find 'Lips's car. Get in and you'll see an icon appear on your radar of an pool ball . this is often the bomb shop you want to take the car to so as to rig it. Drive quickly but carefully and check out to not hit anything as any damage will mean in you having to require it to the respray shop to be repaired.

Drive within the bomb shop which seems like a garage. Let the door shut in order that the bomb are often fitted. When it opens again carefully reverse out and repel Maro's Bistro using the radar if you cant remeber where that's .

Park the car in its spot (shown by the blue marker) and activate the bomb using the hearth button. Then get out and move faraway from the car. After you've got moved far enough away, the cutscene intialises and its the simplest 10 grand you ever made!

How To Use

When in a car, Press  9  Than a black Admiral and a black Huntley with security agents will follow you. Press  9  again, and the escort stops.

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 3MB 
File Name:EScort Mod

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