GTA San Andreas ENB Series ZAGE Mod


GTA San Andreas ENB Series ZAGE Mod

Death Row

You will need health, armour, and an honest weapon (ruger for example) for this mission. Kent Paul informs you that Lance is being held by Diaz's goons across town. Apparently he tried to require out Diaz alone , but he screwed up. A meter representing Lance's health appears on the proper side of the screen, and you want to get to him before it runs out. Get during a vehicle (preferraby a quick one) and take a left turn at the Malibu Club. pass the bridge at the Leaf Links gold club, then continue straight ahead until you reach the junk yard where Lance is being held. remove any goons at the doorway , then quickly find cover.

GTA San Andreas ENB Series ZAGE Mod

this is often an honest opportunity to form a touch of money , so providing the coast is obvious , devour anything that was dropped by the blokes you only killed. Advance towards the hut where Lance is being held, but watch out for oncoming attackers. be careful for the gunman on top of the tractor. Walk towards Lance and a cutscene will begin. After the cutscene, quickly get within the car parked next to the hut, and await Lance to urge in. shake the junk yard and quickly take a left turn, then make your thanks to the hospital in downtown Vice City. Diaz's goons are following you, and can plan to throw you off the road, so attempt to be quick. Tommy tells Lance to satisfy him at Diaz's mansion.

GTA San Andreas ENB Series ZAGE Mod
GTA San Andreas ENB Series ZAGE Mod

GTA San Andreas ENB Series ZAGE Mod

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 10MB 
File Name: ENB Series ZAGE Mod

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