GTA San Andreas ENB Blue For Low End Pc


GTA San Andreas ENB Blue For Low End Pc 

Additional information: This mission plays the role of preliminary preparations for the infiltration of the Agency's building, whose aim is to work out if there's an indoor investigation against Michael's friends from the FIB, and what quite evidence material was gathered. Fortunately, this mission isn't too difficult and it assumes identifying and following one among the janitors, to get his tag and boiler suit.

This mission's start line is that the clothes factory, which you've got already visited while preparing for the jewel store heist and which is found within the La Mesa district. After you get there, watch a cutscene of the meeting with Steve and Dave. Exit the building and obtain into the car. await Lester to hitch you and drive towards the FIB skyscraper located to the West of here. Stop the car near the driveway to the multi-storey parking zone .

Your task is to spot the car belonging to the janitor, and its plate number is 83QSL722. Check thoroughly all of the cars leaving the garage, by pressing, each time, and holding down the motion-picture camera button. The janitor's car is that the red sedan car shown within the above screenshot.

GTA San Andreas ENB Blue For Low End Pc

Start following the car. While playing this a part of the mission, you would like to recollect to stay a secure distance from the janitor's car. If his car happens to prevent for the red light, you ought to also stop your car at the curb. don't worry if your view of the car becomes obstructed by the opposite cars, because you'll be ready to track the janitor's car on your radar anyways.

The part where you follow the car draws to an end after it reaches a building, where the janitor's apartment is, and it is the West Vinewood. Park your car within the spot where Lester tells you to and begin following the person on foot, while still keeping the safe distance. await the person to enter his apartment on the upper floor and join him. After you watch the cutscene of the obtaining of the janitor's tag and garments , return to Lester. Return to the factory and attend the office on the upper floor.
GTA San Andreas ENB Blue For Low End Pc
GTA San Andreas ENB Blue For Low End Pc

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File Name:ENB Blue For Low End Pc

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