GTA San Andreas Dusuk Pc Enb V4 Low End Pc

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GTA San Andreas Dusuk Pc Enb V4 Low End Pc

Payday for Ray

Time to satisfy Ray Machowski. A bent cop, who helps Asuka in exchange for money. Asuka assigns you the task of taking money to him but he's supspicious so he wants to speak to you on the phone first.

This mission may be a wild goose chase across the town between phones. Why Ray keeps sending you to different phones is beyond me but hey, it keeps us entertained. Better get a quick car before starting this mission. Speed is that the essence.

There is a Banshee and a few of Yakuza Stingers on the brink of where you begin this mission so there's no got to spend ages checking out a quick car. When pulling the car up at the Asuka mission start point, make certain to point it towards the exit in order that you'll get a fast getaway.

As soon because the cutscene finishes and your back in contol the clock is ticking. Jump in your car and obtain copy to the most road checking your radar on the thanks to see the blue dot. it's to your left (south) so turn left once you rise up to the most road and speed along it all the thanks to the Callahan Bridge junction.

As you come up to the present junction there are two roads ahead of you. One on the left and one on the proper . The left one takes you straight to the phone but the traffic comes towards you. the proper one will take you near enough to the phone and therefore the traffic is traveling an equivalent way as you. the selection is up to you!

GTA San Andreas Dusuk Pc Enb V4 Low End Pc

The phone is against a wall on the left side of the road (east) with a blue arrow pointing it out. Get out your car and answer it as quickly as possible. you'll then be told to urge to the phone in Bellville Park. Its not actually within the Bellville park but is within the Bellville Park area on the ocean front.

Drive back down towards Bellville park (north) to the Callahan Bridge Junction again. Once there, turn left (west) and drive along the twin carriageway all the thanks to the ocean front then turn right (north). Use the radar to seek out the phone that's against the wall on your right how down from the junction you only took. Again answer the phone as quickly as you'll and you'll be told to urge to a phone in Liberty Campus.

Although the road ahead takes you to the raising bridge through the spiral on-ramp drive towards it and cut across the grass to the road on the proper just before you enter the on-ramp. Follow this road all the thanks to the stadium and switch right (east). Check your radar and you ought to be ready to see the position of subsequent phone within the middle of the university buildings. Answer the phone to be told about yet one more phone to be answered in Belleville Park.

GTA San Andreas Dusuk Pc Enb V4 Low End Pc

Drive up the ramp just to the left (north) of the phone onto the road and switch right to go south. Drive down this road until you get to the primary set of traffic lights and rather than continuing on towads the white muti-storey carpark, jink right to require you past your hideout and towards Belleville Park itelf. The last phone is at the south end of Belleville Park across the twin carriageway on a corner. Use your radar once you get on the brink of find it.

Once you answer this phone you'll relax. you continue to need to go see Ray within the public toilets in Bellville Park but the timer has stopped. Stop on the blue marker outside the toilets to finish the mission.

If you've done nothing but Asuka's missions since you arrived on Staunton Island, you'll now have a choice of 4 people to figure for now. Woohoo!

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