GTA San Andreas Dance Mod For Pc


GTA San Andreas Dance Mod For Pc

Deal Steal

The Cartel are looking to extend their influence within the city and are arranging a affect Yardies to assist them do that . Kenji realises this must be stopped in the least costs and needs you to be the one to try to to it.

First you're getting to need a Yardie car. Head to Newport where they're usually cruising round the streets. they need a beige roof and a rose coloured body and are quite big and hulking if you dont no what one seems like .

Once you discover one, car jack it and chase away from the scene quickly because any Yardies that see you are doing this may begin to attack you.

GTA San Andreas Dance Mod For Pc

Now you've got to select up the contact who knows where the deal is happening . Use your radar to seek out him and once you are doing , let him get into the car.

You will be told the deal is being made within the hospital parking lot . in order that is where you ought to head. Drive into the carpark and stop on the blue marker that's ahead of two cartel cruisers. Dont get out of the car before you stop on the marker because the cartel will see you and know that they need been tricked.

Once you stop on the marker the Cartel will get out of their cars and convey a briefcase probably filled with money. At now let your contact get out, then chase away . The Cartel now know they need been tricked

At now you'll do variety of things. you'll drive around and run the Cartel over within the car. you'll get drive a long way faraway from them then snipe them otherwise you can approach to the road running south of the hospital and lob grenades down on them.

Usually if you retain them after you, your contact will take a couple of of them out for you. If he dies, it doesnt matter. He has no more importance during this mission. Once all the Cartel are dead, destroy the 2 Cartel Cruisers by any means necessary and devour the briefcase.

Now all you've got to try to to is take the briefcase back to the casino and stop on the blue marker to comlete the mission.


To start dancing, squeeze "F2"

To finish the dance, let go of the "F2"

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 9MB 
File Name:Dance Mod For Pc

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