GTA San Andreas DX 2.0 ENB Graphics Mod


GTA San Andreas DX 2.0 ENB Graphics Mod

About 2 years of Maxim and Boris has spent on developing the graphics and every one the hype and anticipation wasn't in vain! additionally to the luscious pictures, you'll receive a superb optimization, where not only you'll travel around San Andreas in search of lovely scenery, but also undergo a replacement storyline with new graphics component


It is not recommended to put in mod with automatic installation.In the game's settings - close up Vertical sync frame(VSync or other "framerate Limiter").Also set the brightness standard of the sport .


1) within the "Preset" select the configuration for Your PC (high, medium, low). the automated selection is high (High).

2) Transfer the files and folders within the selected configuration within the root of the sport (if you've got installed the setup program on the CD, first manually remove already installed files).


If you would like to put in a DoF, then the folder "Depth of Field" is that the folder "enbseries" on top of an already installed mod put this folder within the root of the sport .Separately there's a bun Optimiser" Optimizer which adds a couple of FPS.

GTA San Andreas DX 2.0 ENB Graphics Mod

Startup problems and their solutions:

1) the sport might not start with a replacement ENB. Solution - delete the old config of the sport .
Go to Documents -> GTA San Andreas User Files -> and delete the file gta_sa.set
2) If you've got Windows 10, then attend the folder Fix Problems Win 10.
There is everything you would like to repair problems with video instructions on the link.

Known issues and bugs:

In the remake SA_DirectX, added chrome on the car. this is often a test Shader.
So if it creates problems for you, simply press within the game shift enter and appearance for the tab enbvehicle.
There you'll find a tick before Chrome: Enable. Remove it and chrome won't .


To customize SA_DirectX, within the game press shift enter.
Then select the tab which you would like and spin settings.

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 18MB 
File Name:DX 2.0 ENB Graphics Mod

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