GTA San Andreas Convoy Protections And Vip Mod

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GTA San Andreas Convoy Protections And Vip Mod

Paparazzi Purge

This can be tricky initially because you'll lack experience within the boat. You've used a ship before to urge to staunton Island but only briefly.

Asuka is being annoyed by a snooping photographer. She has gone away while the photographer remains at large. As usual, she wants you to form fish food out of the photographer. the sport will show you the photographer call at his boat bobbing on the channel.

Look south at the 2 jetties. you'll see that one among the boats features a blue arrow pointing thereto . this is often a boat fitted with a machine gun. The gun is your only means of sinking the photographer's boat so dont be tempted to use the other boat.

Jump within the boat then and leave towards the photographer. you'll notice a damage bar on your screen. When this bar is full it means the photographers boat will magnify . Head straight for him full tilt. Once you get a particular distance away, he will make a move.

GTA San Andreas Convoy Protections And Vip Mod

Start shooting at him as soon he starts moving and NOT BEFORE. Shooting his boat set him off early making it difficult to stay up. Your gun will do more damage the closer you're to him so get as many shots in as early as possible. Use the 2 radio arials as a targe system and it'll make him easy to hit.

The photographers boat is quicker than yours so you'll got to perform to stay up with him. Dont worry though. He weaves every now then so just attempt to keep as straight a line as possible.

I did this mission once when the ocean was very choppy. This affected his speed quite mine and it had been easy to remain on the brink of him. I had him burning before he got half way down the channel. So if you've got trouble maintaining with him, try doing it when the weather's rough.

GTA San Andreas Convoy Protections And Vip Mod

Have you looked for years for a No.1 Protections?
Can't you command from your vehicles to try to to driveby to shoot Ballas Or Cops When You're Chased? 
Or are you only bored Because Guard Wasn't Interactive with you?
FEAR NOT! From Now on, you're No.1 Person Must Being Protected By All of cost!!
This is the President Protection and VVIP.
VVIP Meanings = Very2 influential person .
So Carl and Secretary (VVIP) are going to be protected!!
Secretary is that the CJ Casino's Girlfriend, Millie Perkins.
Advisor will using the vehicles, but are going to be protected as like you!
If Ballas and Other Gangs Or Cops (Wanted Level) ruin near arround You, They'll Be Eliminated!!
Some Guards Will Using Minigun But Cops and FBI will using AK47s and M4s

How To Use

Press the "1" key!

The 7 Cars will Follow you and 1 bike infront of you. Command it by drive
whenever you are going .

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 73MB 
File Name:Convoy Protections And Vip Mod

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