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GTA San Andreas ChullBull Pandey Skin Pack


GTA San Andreas ChullBull Pandey Skin Pack

Rub Out

Be sure to possess many health, armour and ammunition before starting this mission. However, don't waste money on a ruger, because it will automatically get replaced by an M4 once you begin the mission. you would like to urge inside the mansion, but the most entrance is locked. Lance's health appears on-screen, he musn't die during this mission, so protect him in the least times. Kill (from a distance) the goons standing by the pool at the left side of the mansion.

GTA San Andreas ChullBull Pandey Skin Pack

Then go up the steps and proceed around to the rear of the mansion, where more gunmen are waiting (this may be a much simpler route than browsing the maze.) Follow Lance into Diaz's mansion. Approach the steps cautiously as there are more gunmen waiting. Go up to the second floor of the mansion, and undergo to the most area. Eliminate the goons, and move towards the office to trigger a cutscene. Diaz is angry that you simply have betrayed him, but he is not taking place without a fight. Kill Diaz to finish the mission and acquire the property. you'll gain $50,000 for doing so. Sonny calls afterwards, and he's becoming increasingly frustrated by your situation.

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