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GTA San Andreas Cheat Menu Pack For Pc Latest Version


GTA San Andreas Cheat Menu Pack For Pc Latest Version

Additional information: In itself, this mission is extremely short and it revolves around attempts to realize access to the development site to get the FIB building plans. The important piece of data is that a conference will happen in Lester's factory, towards the top of the mission. The results of this conference are going to be selection of the action plan, and selection of individuals to rent , who will participate within the heist aside from the protagonists.

GTA San Andreas Cheat Menu Pack For Pc Latest Version

After you're taking control over Franklin, you'll end up at the Pillbox Hill construction site. Walk into the location , follow the architect that you simply can see within the distance and check out to not alarm the workers around. From one among the characters that you simply travel by , you'll receive your protective helmet but, albeit you're not wearing one, nobody will try stopping you. Reach the elevators, get into one among them to succeed in to the highest of the skyscraper under construction

Screen Shoot
GTA San Andreas Cheat Menu Pack For Pc Latest Version

Continue following the architect. Attack him only after he walks faraway from the remainder of the workers - i like to recommend a melee attack from behind, although you'll also use a suppressed weapon. After the successful action, collect the case with the documents and return to the elevator to go away the development site (do not use the architect's car otherwise you will alarm the others!). Return to the garments factory, i.e. to Lester's HQ.

I have already suggested at the start of the outline for this mission that you simply will need to take another step, i.e. plan the heist on the FIB skyscraper. a bit like within the case of the jewel store and therefore the harbor jobs, there are two variants to settle on from, i.e. planting bombs within the skyscraper and making it to the server room disguised because the fire brigade (A - Fire Crew), or jumping onto the rooftop from a chopper, after which you forced an entry the server room (B - Roof Entry).

How To Use

Activation: key 3
raise the wheels:Ctrl PgUp
Amazing Screenshot:Alt V keys 
To take a picture of:F12
Weapons Menu Mod:key 2 
Time Fix:( = ) or - (_) keys
Car Spawner:key 7
Teleport to the marker:select a place on the map, press Y and X
Auto Repair:R key
To change skins:activate Tab Q.

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size:9 MB 
File Name:Cheat Menu Pack For Pc 

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