GTA San Andreas Cars Weapon Mod Pc

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GTA San Andreas Cars Weapon Mod Pc

The Fuzz Ball

There is a policeman's ball happening at the old fashioned hall (building next to the callahan bridge exit) and luigi wants you to collect up as many of his girls and deliver them to the ball. the particular mission requires you to deliver a minimum of 4 but there's a complete of 8 to gather . If you deliver all of them you recieve a $2000 bonus.

Your radar will show you variety of points. The green ones are luigi's girls and therefore the pink one is that the location of the police ball. Before you begin confirm you dont run any of the women over otherwise its mission over.

GTA San Andreas Cars Weapon Mod Pc

The best thanks to get all 8 is to urge a quick saloon car, just like the mafia sentinel. this enables you to select up 3 prost's at a time and speed along within the process. you'll need to make 3 drop offs during this case but you tend to possess longer if your car is fast and you choose the girl's up during a logical order.

Alternatively you'll devour one among the coaches parked within the coach depot at callahan point. this enables you to select up all eight of the prosts in one go. Its possible to try to to it this manner but you'll need to be quick.

What ever you are doing . Dont bother using the banshee (dodge viper look-alike). This car only has enough room for one person so you'll need to repel and forth continuosly and unless you're super fast you wont have time.

How To Use

Press TAB+2 To Get Guns On car
Press Left Mouse Button To Launch Missile
Press CTRL to Fire on mini Gun

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 3MB 
File Name:Cars Weapon Mod Pc

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