GTA San Andreas Car Drift Mod Latest Version Pc


GTA San Andreas Car Drift Mod Latest Version Pc 

Additional information: one among the assumptions of this mission is stealing a railway engine and an empty cargo car, because of which they will be used for the heist itself. If you perform all the steps correctly, you'll not got to fight anyone, nor will you alarm the police.

The start line for this mission is that the railroad station located on the east of the map, right next to the highway and therefore the quarry. After you get there, hear the conversation with Trevor and obtain into action. Start sneaking towards the 2 railway workers that you simply can see within the distance. First, surprise-attack the one within the tower (the above screenshot).

Exit the tower and eliminate the worker at the tracks. you'll now return to the space where you've got neutralized the primary one among the workers, and interact with the instrument panel . await the train which, as a results of your actions, will roll into the side-tracks.

GTA San Andreas Car Drift Mod Latest Version Pc

Cut to Trevor now, who has within the meantime gotten into a cargo chopper (Skylift). Fly up to the train that Michael has diverted and hover over the railway engine (the above screenshot). After you receive an appropriate piece of data , activate the electromagnet by pressing the acceptable button on the D-pad. You now got to deliver the railway engine to the airfield (do not fly too low otherwise you will encounter a pole!) and put it onto the truck.

Fly towards the railroad station again and fasten one among the empty cargo cars to the electromagnet. then , return to the airfield again and put the car onto the truck. this is often the top of this undemanding mission.

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File Name:Car Drift Mod Latest Version Pc  

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