GTA San Andreas CJ Can Repair The Car Mod Pc


GTA San Andreas CJ Can Repair The Car Mod Pc

Evidence Dash

Ray features a friend, who seems to be keen on 'exotic' entertainment and is currently involved during a court case. A car is carrying some embarrasing 'photographic' evidence of this friend across town and Ray wants you to ram this car, learning equally of evidence in order that you'll torch it during a car.

For the start of this mission it might be knowing use the Barracks OL found at the military Surplus in Rockford. Once you've got it, you'll be extremely difficult to prevent by the police and traffic are going to be mere staw bails to you.

Here is few things to reveal in mind when doing this mission:

1. don't ram the target vehicle into the ocean . Doing this may fail the mission because the evidence are going to be washing up everywhere the town for everyone to ascertain . Try to not make any contact near the ocean edge because the vehicle can sometimes drive ITSELF into the ocean if you push it off its course. Most annoying.

2. The vehicle is indestructible. regardless of what proportion you ram it or what percentage grenades you'll throw at it, it'll remain untouched albeit it's going to appear to be damaged. However, if by some chance you manage to urge it stuck or turned over, the sport will tell you its a decoy and respawn another one somewhere within the city. you ought to now follow this new one using your radar to seek out it.

GTA San Andreas CJ Can Repair The Car Mod Pc

Once you create first contact with the vehicle, a bit of the evidence will fall out. There are six pieces in total but you want to devour a bit that falls out before you'll knock another one out.

You will also notice that your wanted level has gone up to 2 . you'll remove this by finding bribes or use the resrpay shop but you cant respray the Barrack OL so you'll need to change car first. Dont worry about losing the evidence car, it'll continually be shown on your radar.

If you are doing lose your wanted level you'll then get during a fast car. this manner you'll be ready to catch up to the target quickly. You dont got to ram the vechicle hard, just a small nudge will cause the evidence to fall out. the sole reason you used the Barracks OL was to guard yourself against the onslaught from the police at the start .

Once you've got all the packages, get the vehicle to magnify by any means necessary. Whether it's by grenade, gunfire or generally ramming it into as many walls as possible. Dont forget to urge out before it blows up though! ;p

Paitience may be a wonderful thing and if you've got it, the completion of this mission will come easily to you.

How To Use

GTA San Andreas 4. all who played in FAR CRY 2 know this possibility: If the machine is broken , you'll walk up, open the hood and fix it. Now C.J. can do exactly also . If the car you're driving got into an accident, or are simply flawed, be happy to urge out of it, attend the hood and press the "Backspace" + "R". Then Cj will open the hood, and start to work out what's the cause. After a few of seconds, it's something podkrutit, then close the hood. And here may be a machine like new! CJ doesn't put other people's cars, or cars, just standing on the road . He put only those machines on which the and who himself broke)))

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Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 9MB 
File Name:CJ Can Repair The Car Mod Pc

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