GTA San Andreas Bullet View For Pc

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GTA San Andreas Bullet View For Pc


Before you begin this mission, confirm you've got a precision rifle with several rounds. If you havent, get one from ammunation on Staunton.

Its time to select up some protection money from various locations round the city. As soon as you're on top of things make your thanks to the primary briefcase west of the casino using your radar as guidance. Get out of the car as soon you discover it to select it up.

Once picked up, the situation of subsequent one is indicated to you on your radar. Head north into Bedford Point to urge it. One you arrive you'll notice that there's a Diablo member standing next thereto who will start to shoot at you when he sees you. Run him over and once he's down permanately, grab the briefcase.

GTA San Andreas Bullet View For Pc

Look at your radar to look at the position of the ultimate payment. rather than a briefcase this point , you want to stop outside a rather beaten up looking grocery . A cutscene will inform that a gang has trashed the place and brought the cash . The group of robbers in question are a part of the Diablo gang and you now need to punish them and retrieve the cash . they're currently on portland Island in Hepburn Heights guarding the cash so make your over using the tunnel or bridge.

They are standing between the flats behind your old hideout but dont go anywhere near them. Snipe all of them from a distance and once they are all down and out grab the briefcase. Take the cash back to the casino to finish the mission.


Choose a sniper rifle
Click "Shift" and "Shoot" (usually LMB) during the sighting
To skip watching the flight, click "Space"

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 9MB 
File Name:Bullet View For Pc

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