GTA San Andreas Bike Throw Mod V1.0


GTA San Andreas Bike Throw Mod V1.0

Grand Theft Auto

A good knowledge of the town and therefore the precise locations of the cars radically improves your chances during this mission. So if you dont know this island that well, get to understand it better before you begin this mission.

Kenji wants to repay his debt to an associate and to try to to this he wants you to deliver three sports cars to a garage next to the respray shop in Newport. This mission is timed so get your skates on and confirm you've got a quick car able to get a start . Position this car, next to the Kenji mission start point, in order that you'll get a fast exit from the casino.

As the mission starts the timer are going to be ticking. watching your radar you'll see three purple dots (the cars to collect) and therefore the pink dot (the garage to require them to). Head for the southerly most purple dot. This car is within the parking lot that's within the middle of a gaggle of buildings acorss the road (south) from the black and white domey building.

As soon as you discover the car, indicated by a blue arrow, get in it. Exit the carpark through the north entrance. the opposite two exits are narrow and you risk damaging the car. If you are doing damage the car you'll need to catch on resprayed before delivering it. albeit the respray shop is true next to delivery garage you'll waste precious seconds fixing the car.

Once you get to the world indicated by the pink dot, it's going to not be obvious which garage to place it in. Its the red garage right next to the respray shop. The door will open once you get near it. Drive the car in and leave the garage on foot.

Now run backtrack the way you came and jump within the Blista people carrier parked within the garage ahead of you. you are doing not have time to seek out another fast car. The Blista is pretty quick anyway.

Head west to subsequent car that's parked within the stadium carpark. If you come towards the carpark and find the doorway is on the opposite side, dont loiter driving around to the doorway . Dump the car and skip the carpark wall to run towards the parked infernus.

GTA San Andreas Bike Throw Mod V1.0

Take this as quickly as you'll back to the garage again. Once delivered, get within the Blista that has appeared within the same place you found it before (must be an honest insurance company!).

The final car is within the hospital parking lot in Rockford. Drive out the east entrance of the garage area and continue east to the ocean front. To left (north) and follow the highway around to the rear of the parking lot keeping an eye fixed on the radar to seek out the position of this car.

From the highway you wont be ready to get to the car by driving. So once you get on the brink of it, dump the car on the road and skip the wall to run to the car. Jump within the Cheetah and drive out the exit to the carpark at the east end. take care because the cheetah is that the fastest car within the game and is extremely twitchy. If you've got many time left then take it easy.

Once you deliver the car back to the garage, its mission complete.

When driving the sports cars during this mission, go as quickly as you'll but drive cautiously as any small collision will cause damage to your car. If you see an obstacle before you hamper and provides it many space. Be wary when passing cars on double laned roads because they will change lane at a moment for no reason. Running people over also damages the car so avoid this. don't attract police attention. you do not have time to shake them off.

Dont get annoyed if you dont do that first time. counting on how far you bought , you now know the positions of the cars!

How To Use

To start throwing motorcycles lock "Tab

To stop throwing motorcycles let go of "Tab

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 9MB 
File Name:Bike Throw Mod V1.0

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