GTA San Andreas Beautiful Retextured Graphics Pack


GTA San Andreas Beautiful Retextured Graphics Pack

Additional information: The leitmotif for this mission is that the premiere of a movie that was made with Michael's collaboration. the maximum amount because the first a part of the mission is entertaining in its character, within the other one you'll got to take more definitive and aggressive action, whose aim is to save lots of the protagonist's family.

This mission's start line is that the Ponsonboys luxury clothes store located within the Rockford Hills district. After you get there, enter the shop and walk towards the exposition on the proper . you would like to shop for the tuxedo shown within the above screenshot, which involves the expenditure of 10 thousand dollars. If you are doing not have that much money on you, you ought to perform some additional actions before making the acquisition e.g. rob a security van , or await your income from the owned estates.

At the instant of buying the tux, Michael will automatically put it on. Exit the shop and take your seat at the rear of the limo that Jimmy got for the movie premiere. During your ride to the films , where the premiere is scheduled, you'll activate the optional cinematic camera. it's also an honest idea to receive the call from Devin Weston. With Devin himself, you'll meet on the red carpet ahead of the movie theater's entrance, and he will suggest you that Michael's wife's life is in peril.

GTA San Andreas Beautiful Retextured Graphics Pack

Your new task is to succeed in Michael's house within two minutes. you'll use the limo (Dundreary Stretch), on which you came to stage with Jimmy, although it's getting to be a far better idea if you steal some faster car. no matter the means of transport that you simply pick, after you get to your destination, get out of the car and eliminate the mercenary who is attacking Amanda (it is best to kill him with a well-aimed shot to the head).

Go to the upper floor and enter Tracey's bedroom located opposite the steps . Michael's daughter is being held by another enemy. await the character to stay his head from behind Tracey (the above screenshot), initiate the time-slowing skill, just just in case , and eliminate the bandit with a well-aimed shot to the top (for obvious reasons, Tracey cannot

GTA San Andreas Beautiful Retextured Graphics Pack
GTA San Andreas Beautiful Retextured Graphics Pack

GTA San Andreas Beautiful Retextured Graphics Pack

GTA San Andreas Beautiful Retextured Graphics Pack

Retreat towards he stairs and begin by eliminating the enemies who are going to be trying to form it upstairs. alight to the bottom floor and begin eliminating the enemies, who are staying within the estate, one after another. you are doing not got to hurry here an excessive amount of so, don't take an excessive amount of risk. Keep using the time-slowing skill to your advantage and conceal behind covers. don't forget, also, that you simply can collect the first-aid-kit from the kitchen.

There are further Merryweather mercenaries waiting outside. Select the rear exit and begin killing them off. Eventually, return to the vehicle ahead of the estate. The last wave of bandits will arrive in cars and, as a result, it might be an honest idea to blow them up quickly, using, e.g. the grenade launcher or explosives. After you've got cleared this area, return to the estate's upper floor, which can end in a funny cutscene, of the enemy elimination, being played.

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