GTA San Andreas Ballistic Armour Mod Updated


GTA San Andreas Ballistic Armour Mod Updated

Arms Shortage

An old war friend of Ray's called Phil is being hounded by the Cartel. Phil runs the military surplus warehouse in Rockford which obviously contains alot of weapons. The Cartel are getting to return today to steal weapons. Ray wants you to assist defend Phil.

Make sure you've got full health and armour for this mission. You shouldnt need it but confirm you've got an uzi or rifle handy.

Ok, make your over to the military surplus in Rockford using your radar as guidance.

Once you get there, park your car on the blue marker to activate the cutscene. You notice that phil has just one arm hence the title to the present mission.

As soon because the cutscene finishes the Cartel will arrive shortly so you simply have a couple of seconds to require position. Turning around you'll see the four red containers. On top of 1 of them a launcher has appeared. this is often where you would like to be. You dont have time to try to to anything so make your thanks to it.

To get to the launcher you getting to need to hop on the wall behind (west) of it by using the brown boxes down the alleyway ahead (north) of you. attempt to rise up on the wall as quickly as you'll . Dont attempt to use the green dumpster, the wall is just too high at now .

GTA San Andreas Ballistic Armour Mod Updated

Once on the wall carefully make your thanks to the launcher jumping across the gap between containers. learning the launcher you're now in position. Hopefully the Cartel havent arrived yet. As soon as they are doing , fire your rockets at their cars. you would like to blow the cars up before they get out.

If they are doing get out you'll need to take them out by rifle or use the molotov cocktails on the container to your right (south). After you're taking out the primary two cars, a 3rd will arrive and two Cartel members spawn within the alleyway to your left (north).

Try and remove the third car before the 2 Cartel on foot. Its easy to show round to those and foot and therefore the ones within the car nip in and kill phil. The launcher has only 5 rockets but you ought to only need 4. One for every Cartel Cruiser and one for the 2 on foot.

GTA San Andreas Ballistic Armour Mod Updated

Once every Cartel is dead, go see phil to finish the mission. If the Cartel didnt get anywhere near him he should be standing exactly where you spoke to him.

Getting up to the launcher is that the most vital a part of this mission. Once you've got this weapon in your hand you'll quickly remove the Cartel. Using the quality contols during this mission, in order that you'll use the mouse to focus on rather than the target button, makes it infinitly easier to destroy the targets.

Dont let any Cartel get on the brink of Phil albeit it means taking a number of the gunfire yourself. As long because the Cartel stand back from him, he will stay where he's and you're liberal to fire rockets or chuck Molotov Cocktails.

Ballistic equipment costs $50,000;
A box of ballistic gear will appear next to you;
You get a Minigun with endless cartridges;
You get 5000 health (5 times more health of the car) when equipped with ballistic equipment;
You can't jump or squat when you're wearing ballistic gear;
You will lose your ballistic gear when you die.


To trigger the ballistics reset, click "Ctrl"+"B";
To remove the ballistic gear, click "F" (taken 9 seconds).
To Cheat Menu Ctrl+c

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 11MB 
File Name:Ballistic Armour Mod Updated 

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