GTA San Andreas Auto Aimbot Headshot Mod For Pc

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GTA San Andreas Auto Aimbot Headshot Mod For Pc

A Drop In The Ocean

This mission is formed fantastically easier by following these steps. Your getting to enjoy a quick car during this mission so go find one BEFORE you begin .

Donald Love features a shipment coming therein obviously goes to draw police attention. A plane are going to be dropping some packages within the ocena and you're to gather them before anybody else does.

When the mission starts you've got 2 minutes to urge out into the channel. The yellow dot on your radar is that the plane and therefore the purple dot may be a boat. this is often where some people fail . simply because its indicated on the radar, it doesn't suggest you've got to use that boat. anybody will do and suggest getting one from the jetties just east of Asuka's apartment.

Head to the place where you wont to start the Asuka missions. Park your car, at the highest of the steps that lead right down to the north jetty, in order that you'll get a fast getaway once you return to the car. Go down the steps and obtain the long thin boat. This one is that the quickest.

Now head towards the purple dot to seek out a ship moored on the Portland Island jetty. Wait here until the plane comes. When the timer begins to count , confirm you're following the plane. The plane starts dropping packages. Keep picking them up until you've got all six.

You will notice your wanted level increase as you pickup the packages and can be alarmed because it rises to 5! Dont panic because you're getting to take a route which will get you to the respray shop as quickly as possible.

GTA San Andreas Auto Aimbot Headshot Mod For Pc

Get back to the Jetty that you simply picked up the boat from. Try to not worry about the helicopters following you. As long as you retain moving they're going to not shoot at you. Run to your car that's still parked at the highest of the steps. If by any chance that you simply came up the opposite steps to the south, you'll jump into the Banshee that ought to be parked there.

Now leave the are by the road that runs west up to the road next to the multi-storey carpark. Just before you get to the carpark, dart down the alleyway that runs down the rear (east) of it. this may take you to the respray shop, up the ramp at the top of it.

If you've got never been to level 5 wanted level before you'll want to understand that the FBI are now after you. FBI cars are black and are filled with FBI agents who carry AK's. They drive like nutcases and will you discover yourself on the streets during a normal car, you'll end up quickly overwhelmed and doubtless on your roof before you recognize it.

GTA San Andreas Auto Aimbot Headshot Mod For Pc

If you drive as quickly as you'll to the respray shop using the alleyway, then you ought to get thereto without even coming in view of the FBI.

Once you get the car resrpayed, simply take the packages back to Donald Love using the radar if you cant remember where he's .

Congratulations, you now have access to Shoreside Vale. The 3rd and final island in GTA3.


To activate the mod, click "Alt"+"1"
To choose the next type of guidance, click "2" while aiming
To choose the previous type of guidance, click "1" while aiming
To turn off the mod, click "Alt"+"1" again.

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 9MB 
File Name:Auto Aimbot Headshot

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