GTA San Andreas Enb Series Sdge Reborn 2.0 Mod


GTA San Andreas Enb Series Sdge Reborn 2.0 Mod

The Chase

One of Diaz's men is stealing money from him. Diaz wants you to follow him, and determine where he's stashing the cash, in order that you'll later kill him. attend the thief's apartment in Vice Point, and appearance through his window. The apartment is empty, but the thief is spotted trying to flee to the roof. keep it up his tail, but don't kill him. Follow him across the roof, being careful to avoid the gaps which seperate the various sections of the complex. The thief creates an explosion by firing at red barrels, so take care to avoid the hearth . He makes a get-a-way during a BF Injection. Get on the bike and start chasing him. He fires with a ruger from the rear of the vehicle, so occupy a secure distance from him, and if possilble use the cars ahead of you as protection. Follow the thief to the abandoned house in Prawn Island, where the chase ends.

GTA San Andreas Enb Series Sdge Reborn 2.0 Mod

Phnom Penh

The house where the cash is held is being heavily guarded, so Diaz wants Lance err, "Quentin" to fly you over. Lance believes that Diaz is that the main author for the ambush, and he wants to eliminate him. Lance goes to circle Prawn Island with the chopper while you're taking out any attackers. Practice shooting things like boats, caddies, and golfers during the short trip to Prawn Island. once you get there, there are goons protecting the cash on the roof of the abandoned house, also because the other houses on the island. Shoot the red barrels to make explosions - these explosions usually kill one or two of the goons and it saves you a touch of labor . you would like to think quickly and shoot accurately - if you run out of heli-health the mission is failed, so confirm it doesn't take an excessive amount of damage. Once most of the goons are eliminated, Lance lowers the chopper and enables you to urge out. you're on your own now. Approach the house cautiously, and use the M60 to eliminate anyone inside the house. There are people on the bottom floor, at the highest of the steps , and on the roof counting on what percentage you killed earlier. devour the briefcase on the roof, and Lance will return with the chopper to require you back to the mansion.

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Size: 20MB 
File Name:Enb Series Sdge Reborn 2.0 Mod 

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