GTA 5 Weapons Aim Style Guns Sound Mod


GTA 5 Weapons Aim Style Guns Sound Mod

You have to shut a deal for Cortez. you've got to satisfy a French courier within the mall, who has some valuable technology for you. Get a quick car, and drive to the mall. If you damage your car, take a replacement one. Now park your car with the nose to the north within the mall, and go ask the courier.

GTA 5 Weapons Aim Style Guns Sound Mod

It woudn't be much of a mission if everything went right, so in fact some French swat members who want the chips back appear. Now jump to the bottom , get in your car, and follow the courier. He gets on a motorcycle and drives away with the briefcase. Follow him, and ram him off his bike. Now you'll either drive over him or get out of your car and shoot him. As soon as he's dead you'll get a two-star wanted level. Grab the briefcase he drops, and obtain back to your car. Now repel to Cortez' boat, which should not be very difficult since you simply have two stars. the sole Pay 'n Spray isn't distant from Cortez' boat, so there is no got to get your car sprayed.

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 60MB 
File Name:Weapons Aim Style Guns Sound Mod

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