GTA 5 Characters Skin Pack GTA San Andreas Mod

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GTA 5 Characters Skin Pack GTA San Andreas Mod

Supply & Demand

Each month, a freelancer sails into Vice City and moors his yacht. He sells his cargo to the primary boat, so Diaz wants you to require the fastest boat and beat everyone else thereto , and return the cargo to him. attend the fastest boat and walk into the pink marker to trigger a cutscene. Lance is at the scene once more , and he offers his assistance. Get to the yacht before the opposite boats do. Once you've got the cargo, Lance takes over and you become the shootist. If the boat receives an excessive amount of damage you'll fail the mission, so keep an eye fixed on the "boat health" meter. the opposite gangs aren't happy that you simply beat them to the cargo. Kill all of them, and aim for the people within the boats instead of the boats themselves. be careful for the gunmen on the jetty - aim for the red barrels first. remove the gunmen within the chopper, then finally remove the last boat that's up ahead. Make it back to Diaz's mansion safely to finish the mission.

GTA 5 Characters Skin Pack GTA San Andreas Mod

Sir Yes Sir

Start this mission with full armour and many of ammunition - you'll probably need an important weapon like the ruger. Cortez is beginning to think that Diaz is liable for your unfortunate loss. More thereon later, for now, Cortez features a buyer for a few military hardware which is being driven around town, and he wants you to accumulate it for him. Approach the tank, and therefore the army will begin shooting at you. chase away from them, so as to spread them out. Once you're a substantial distance faraway from them, await them to approach one-by-one and run them over. return to the tank and waste anyone else who remains. Get within the tank, and take it to the colonel's garage before it self-destructs.

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