Elemental Gun For GTA San Andreas Pc


Elemental Gun For GTA San Andreas Pc

Cutting the Grass

The new Columbian Cartel gang are producing spank somewhere in Liberty City and little question making a tidy profit. Not only that but, consistent with salvatore, the cartel know everything the Leone family are getting to do before they are doing it. Salvatore suspects a man called Curly Bob who works at Luigis club. He wants you to follow him after he finishes work and determine if he's squealing and if so... whack him!

You need to form your thanks to the club with a small sense of urgency as Curly Bob wont wait til you arrive. If you're taking too long, curly will leave the club and you'll lose him.

In this mission you're getting to need to follow a taxi that's driving Curly Bob to the Harbour. you've got to stay your distance from the taxi while having the ability to follow it. The taxi are going to be parked outside the club and can drive south towards the harbour once Curly gets in. are available behind the taxi from the north and stop on the brow of Capitol Hill right next to the respray shop, which should get on your left.

You will see the taxi parked outside the club ahead of you. this is often the space you ought to keep between you and therefore the taxi in the least times. you'll need to wait a touch for Curly Bob to seem 

Elemental Gun For GTA San Andreas Pc

Once he comes out the club and gets into the taxi, a spookometer will appear on your screen. This meter will begin to refill if you get too on the brink of Curly and if it fills to the highest , he will notice your presence and it'll be mission over.

So follow the taxi as soon because it drives away. The taxi will drive a touch more swiftly than most other traffic but will obey traffic laws so if it stops at a traffic signal , stop yourself where ever you're . Keep an in depth eye on the spookometer. If it begins to fill hamper or stop. If you're already stopped, reverse faraway from the taxi.

The taxi will lead you to the harbour where a cutscene shows curly lecture a well-known face. Your ex girlfriend who shot you within the bank raid at the start of the sport . She obviously features a large presence within the Columbian Cartel and you'll realise that a key a part of the story has just dropped into place.

Elemental Gun For GTA San Andreas Pc

Once the cutscene finishes you'll need to kill Curly Bob. If your car is completely trashed then I suggest taking him out on foot or find another car as Curly is carrying an attempt gun. Drive at him as fast as you'll in order that you squash him before he gets an attempt off. take care to not drive into the ocean though.

The key to the present mission is to stay an eye fixed on your spookemeter and confirm it doesnt rise. Dont panic if you lose site of his taxi around a corner he will still be there once you get there. most of the people fail this mission by not listening to what the taxi is doing. it'll stop at traffic lights and obey traffic laws and most of the people tend to drive madly after it thinking its getting to make an opportunity for it. It wont!

How To Use

To take an elemental weapon, dial "ELGUN" or just take Tec-9;
To attack by ground force, click "P"
To attack by force of fire, click "L"
To attack with the force of water, click "J"
To attack by air force, click "K"

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 9MB 
File Name: Elemental Gun

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