Dr Strange Mod For GTA San Andreas Pc

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Dr Strange Mod For GTA San Andreas Pc

Cipriani's Chaffeur

A mission to introduce you to 'Pops Capo', more documented as Toni Cipriani who owns a restaurant in St Mark's.

This mission requires you to easily drive Cipriani to a Laundrette where he has bit of business to affect . Despite Toni Cipriani's insistance on not damaging his car, dont worry about it. a touch damage wont hurt so there's no got to drive sort of a granny. However if the car is destroyed then you'll fail the mission so dont drive like maniac either.

Dr Strange Mod For GTA San Andreas Pc

Use the radar to locate the laundrette and position the car on the blue marker in order that you'll make a fast getaway. Toni then walks into the laundrette to talk to 2 triads. After a flash he will then come running out under gun fire and jump into the car. Two triads will follow then fire at the car.

Make a move and obtain faraway from the triads. Run them over if you would like but you dont need to . Toni will want you to require him to his restaurant in St Mark's. Use your radar to seek out the situation of the restaurant and park the car on the blue marker to end the mission.

How To Use

He got powerful punch !! 
Type 'Fly' to fly, 
Press 'Space' to fly faster,
Press 'Ctrl' to fly slower 
Press 'Enter' to stop. 
Type 'Stop' to stop time. 
Press 'Page down' to explode all the vehicles around by mind :v and press again to blow those up. 
Press F5 to take the nearest Ped soul :) 
If you want to transform to that Ped, Press Tab 
If you want that Ped follow you, Press Y 
If you want to Kill that Ped, Press N

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 5MB 
File Name:Dr Strange Mod

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