GTA San Andreas X Tream Vision R1 Ultra Graphics Mod


 GTA San Andreas X Tream Vision R1 Ultra Graphics Mod

Additional information: To steal the helicopter isn't easy, because it's located within the military base and, after you walk into the bottom , a four-star pursuit will start. what's even more, onboard the chopper, you'll need to concentrate to the AA defense and therefore the enemy combat helicopter.

The chopper that you simply are trying to find is at Fort Zacundo located within the North-East portion of the map. If you would like to urge there by a vehicle, it's best to approach there from the Northern side and traverse the safety gate. On your thanks to the helicopter pad, you will, obviously need to avoid soldiers or shoot at them.

GTA San Andreas X Tream Vision R1 Ultra Graphics Mod

It is how better idea to form it over to the bottom on a daily chopper and, to try to to that, you would like to go to the airports seized by Trevor, located to the South-West of the Sandy Shores. After you get there, get aboard the chopper shown within the screenshot (Frogger). attempt to maintain low altitude while flying and, right after you recover from the military base, land the helicopter as on the brink of the helicopter as possible. because of this you'll not be taken down by the AA Crew.

Regardless of the variant, i like to recommend that you simply use Trevor's special skill combined, with an honest weapon, to eliminate all of the enemies near the military chopper (Cargobob) and only then take a seat aboard.
GTA San Andreas X Tream Vision R1 Ultra Graphics Mod
GTA San Andreas X Tream Vision R1 Ultra Graphics Mod

Take off as soon as possible and fly towards the airport mentioned above, i.e. to the South-East. there'll be another military chopper which will chase after Trevor but, if you are doing not hamper for love or money , you ought to not get hit (you also can increase your chances by maintaining a coffee altitude and by using, to your advantage, the nearby hills to cover behind). After you reach the airfield , land the helicopter within the marked area.

How To Install

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 10MB 
File Name:X Tream Vision R1 Ultra Graphics Mod

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