GTA San Andreas Ultra Graphics 2GB Ram Latest Version

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GTA San Andreas Ultra Graphics 2GB Ram Latest Version

Additional information: This mission is virtually overflowing with action, whose aim is to get cargo carried by train. First, you'll need to jump onto the speeding train and make it derail. Afterwards, you'll need to locate the cargo, while fighting back mercenary attacks. you are doing not actually need to urge prepared, in any particular way, for this mission, although it might be an honest idea to form sure that Trevor is provided with a precision rifle and an honest automatic weapon.

After the cutscene within the trailer, you'll move Trevor. catch on the endure bike (Maibatsu Sanchez). you'll now ride towards the railway located to the North-West of here. After you get there, follow the train and look for a chance to ride onto one among the elevations on the proper that you simply travel by along your way.

GTA San Andreas Ultra Graphics 2GB Ram Latest Version

You will now got to perform a really risky maneuver, because you would like to bounce off the ramp located at the very end of the elevation. you've got to try to to it at the angle and, at such a speed, which will make sure you with landing on one among the railway cars. (the above screenshot). If you fail to perform the primary jump properly, you'll have the chance to offer it another try at one among the elevations ahead. But, you would like to stay in mind that you simply won't be ready to complete this mission in 100% then.

After a successful landing, star a careful ride along the cars, towards the rail engine, where the sport will start a cutscene. Now, you'll need to operate the train, a ride during which you are doing not got to perform any special actions. don't plan to stop the train, because the mission assumes causing the train to crash with another train.

Wait until you narrow to Michael and began , on the boat (Nagasaki Dinghy), towards the more distant of the 2 bridges that you simply can see within the distance. Watch here a wide ranging cutscene of the collision of both trains. Steer the boat towards the yellow car shown in n the screenshot, select the sticky bomb from the inventory and fasten it to the car. Steer faraway from the car and detonate the charge.

After a short time , you'll move Trevor, and your task are going to be to hide Michael while he's busy finding out the car. Start by firing at the boats approaching from the proper , while hiding behind the fallen tree, or using the fury mode (Trevor's special skill), to eliminate the mercenaries quickly.
GTA San Andreas Ultra Graphics 2GB Ram Latest Version

GTA San Andreas Ultra Graphics 2GB Ram Latest Version

Another serious threat for you, are going to be enemy choppers and, similarly to the previous missions, it always pays off to focus on the pilot, because of which the helicopter will crash. After you receive a warning of the enemy sharpshooters deployed on the bridge, select the precision rifle from the inventory and enter thermovision mode to form it easier for you to look out and eliminate enemies. remove another chopper and check out to eliminate the enemy paratroopers before they land on the nearby hill.

After Michael finds the cargo, await him to swim up to Trevor and gets out of water. this is often the last a part of the mission, which assumes participating in an shake the mercenaries, down the river. this is often the last a part of the mission which assumes escaping from the mercenaries down the river. If you would like to play as Michael you ought to better specialise in avoiding rocks and other obstacles.

It is far better to play as Trevor, because you'll be ready to eliminate the mercenaries which chase you, much quicker. aside from the enemies that use boats, you ought to also be careful for the enemy vehicles riding alongside the river and helicopters. attempt to bring them down as quickly as possible. After the chase finishes, crop to Michael and steer back to the river bank, where there are two vehicles parked.
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Cheat Menu:Ctrl+C
Car Menu: Press 7

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Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 200MB 
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