GTA San Andreas Small Mod Pack Low Pc

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GTA San Andreas Small Mod Pack Low Pc

To start this mission, you'll need to attend Floyd's house, which is found within the Vespucci Beach district. After the cutscene, get into Trevor's car (Canis Bodhi), await the 2 other characters to hitch him and drive towards the port located to the south of Los Santos. Stop at the entry gate, wait until you're let through and park within the spot that Floyd points you to.

Wait for Wade to be delegated to perform a "special task" and follow Floyd. After a flash you'll need to perform the primary activity under the guise of a port employee. you'll need to carry two containers over to different spots. Get into the Dock Handler and drive towards the situation where the containers are.

Stop at the primary one among the containers and position Grus of the vehicle right above the container. Lower Grus and press the acceptable button to grab the container (the above screenshot).

GTA San Andreas Small Mod Pack Low Pc

Lift Grus and drive towards the situation where the container must be put. Along your way, attempt to not encounter the weather of the environment , to stop damaging the container. Lower Grus and release the container to go away it within the designated spot. you would like to try to to an equivalent when it involves the second container.

You can now get out of the Handler and go towards the overhead crane near the freighter. Locate the ladder to the highest of Grus , start climbing and confirm that you simply don't subside . After you reach the highest , hear the port employee's instructions and make it over into the operator's cabin, because of which you'll take hold over Grus .

Also this point , you would like to move two containers but, it's a touch more complicated to regulate this crane. to maneuver the entire structure around, use the proper analog stick, and to regulate Grus itself, use the left analog stick. you would like to direct Grus over the primary one among the containers (the above screenshot) and grab it.

Lift the container that you simply have just grabbed and move the whole carriage to the proper . Keep doing that until Grus is above the truck's trailer. a bit like before, you would like to be precise here. Keep the container hovering right above the trailer (the above screenshot), and release it. Repeat all of the activities with the second container.

You can now get out of the cabin. skip the balustrade, carefully, and stop at the very end of the catwalk marked by the sport . Select the phone from your inventory and activate its camera (Snapmatic). you would like to require three pictures - first of all take an image of the front a part of the freighter, then the massive numbers of armed men onboard (the above screenshot, and therefore the back a part of the freighter. After you've got taken all three photos, select the sending option and choose Ron from the contacts list.

Very carefully, get to rock bottom now and obtain into one among the trucks, which you've got just put a container onto (JoBuilt Hauler). Drive towards the dock located to the South-East of here, and remember to not run over a port employee, or alarm the port's crew. After you reach the dock, park the truck within the marked area and watch a funny cutscene.

You can now return to Floyd's house to conceive a heist plan. a bit like within the case of the jewellery Store Job, there are two different variants available, i.e. attack the freighter (A - Freighter), or attack the airport (B - Offshore). In both cases, there'll vary preparatory missions to play, and also the course of the heist goes to be completely different. the choice is yours and, of course, both of the available variants are described further during this walkthrough.

New Roads
New Trees
New Speed Meter

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