GTA San Andreas Simple Trainer Pack Latest Version

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GTA San Andreas Simple Trainer Pack Latest Version

After you've finished watching the cutscene and therefore the opening video walk forwards and obtain on the BMX. From here you will need to read the on screen instructions which can tell you ways to successfully ride a motorcycle . Once you're beginning to get the hang of it make your thanks to the proper and use the radar to direct you to the CJ icon. As you approach Grove Street Carl will provides a short speech so you'll know you're close. Once you get to the top of the cul-de-sac enter the red marker and you will begin the primary mission.

GTA San Andreas Simple Trainer Pack Latest Version

This mission is more of a cutscene. You'll enter the Johnson House where Carl will have flashbacks of when his moms was alive. He grabs a photograph of her and appears at it when Big Smoke enters the space with a lumber . After a brief discussion they move outside and Carl enters Smokes Perennial. They then chase away to the funeral.

Sweet & Kendl
Upon arriving at the funeral you will be reunited with Sweet and Kendl, Carl's siblings also as Ryder, a lover of the family. Sweet shows you that tons of the Grove Street Families are killed and eventually leads you out of the cemetery. Just outside the gates you will be confronted by a Ballas car and a sprig of bullets. It's now where the mission starts. meet the road and obtain on the bike marked with the blue arrow, then head along the road to the proper and follow Smoke, Ryder and Sweet. Keep tapping X to pedal faster and check out to urge a long way between you and therefore the chasing Ballas car, or you'll take tons of injury from drive by's. Follow Sweet on the radar and if you stray , just pause and appearance at the map to ascertain where he's . Follow them until you reach the world under the intersection, then Sweet will leave during a different direction so as to lose the Ballas. From here, follow Ryder and Smoke as they take you back towards Grove Street. even as you approach, the Ballas car will appear again, so you'll just speed to the red circle if you do not wish to follow Ryder and risk getting shot to pieces. Park within the Red Circle and you will see a brief cutscene before passing the primary mission.

Mission Passed!
Respect +

You can now enter Carl's house and save game which can refill your health. once you return outside you will be told to go to the R on the radar for Ryder's mission. You'll also get a call from Sweet who will tell you that the Grove Street Families aren't big anymore which it is a dangerous place out there. Head to the R on the radar to start out the primary optional mission within the game. Optional as in it won't start until you would like it to by standing within the red circle.

How To Install

How To Use

Simple Trainer Pack

F6 key - Repair Vehicle
F7 key - Add Weapon and ammo (UZI)
F8 key - Add money (10.000)
F9 key - Weather is Sunny
F10 key - Max Health and Armour
F11 key - "No Wanted stars"
F12 key - Mission time is stopped

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 9MB 
File Name:Simple Trainer Pack Latest Version

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