GTA San Andreas Remastered Enb Low Pc Mod

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GTA San Andreas Remastered Enb Low Pc Mod

Additional information: this heist is even more demanding than the jewel store job and puts even more stress on teamwork between the playable characters. The mission consists of three parts - transporting the submarine into the world of the of the Merryweather vessel, lowering the submarine and using it to locate the cargo, and return to the airport with the stolen cargo.

After you come back to Floyd's apartment, watch the cutscene of the meeting of all the people involved within the heist. While playing as Michael exit the building and acquire any vehicle with the capacity of, a minimum of three. Your first task is to succeed in the airport seized by Trevor, which is found within the central a part of the planet map, To the South-West of the Sandy Shores.

GTA San Andreas Remastered Enb Low Pc Mod

Take your seat aboard the helicopter (Cargobob), fly up into the air and keep the helicopter hovering above the sub. Extend the hoist and catch onto the sub to start out the method of transporting it.

Your destination is to the North-West of the island so, you're up for an extended flight. attempt to keep the chopper at a high altitude, because of which you'll avoid knocking against a tree or a slope of the Chiliad mount. After you get into the region where the tests are conducted, decrease the flight speed and release the sub.

After you narrow to Trevor select the phone from his inventory and access the Trackify app. you'll now start submersing. Swim towards the ocean bottom and follow the red dot that you simply can see on the smartphone's display. you would like to stay in mind the very fact that the whole process goes to require you a while , because the cargo that you simply are trying to find is deep underwater -it has been shown within the screenshot.
GTA San Andreas Remastered Enb Low Pc Mod

GTA San Andreas Remastered Enb Low Pc Mod

In accordance with the received piece of data , approach the cargo, because of which it'll automatically hold close the sub. Now, for a change, you'll need to start resurfacing but, the great news is that you simply won't be bothered (for now) by anybody.

Attach the sub again and fly towards the airport
After the sub reemerges again take hold over the chopper controlled by Michael. Hover on, the chopper, over the sub and use the hoist within the way that you simply have already learned, and fly back to the airport where you've got started the whole operation.

Unfortunately, you would like to return to terms with the very fact that things will soon get complicated, because there'll be helicopters, with Merryweather mercenaries onboard, to start out pursuit after Michael's chopper. move Franklin and begin your fire at the enemy choppers, while remembering about the choice to hamper time. While conducting fire, you would like to vary between the left and right artilleryman positions . Fortunately enough, you ought to be ready to tell by the radar where you currently got to fly.

Towards the top of the mission, you'll need to conduct fire from the rear a part of the helicopter but, during this case this may not change much. Still, attempt to eliminate all of the threats. The last step is to return to the airport, while playing as Michael again - first detach the sub carefully, then land. This mission will soon conclude, and therefore the results aren't getting to be as satisfying because the people participating within the heist would have wanted them to be.

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Size: 32MB 
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