GTA San Andreas Interior Teleporter Latest Version

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GTA San Andreas Interior Teleporter Latest Version

Additional information: this is often a really short mission, and barren of major fireworks at that. It s only aim is to seek out a replacement living place for Trevor. As his new home, he will chose...a local strip club!

After you come back to the apartment, you're getting to meet with Floyd and Debra, which goes to finish during a quite unexpected way. Get into your car and await Wade to hitch you. Drive to the Vanilla Unicorn strip club, located to the West of here, within the Strawberry district. After you reach this place, the sport will start another cutscene, which can end in taking control over the club. this suggests that, from now on, this is often the place that becomes Trevor's hideout in Los Santos.

GTA San Andreas Interior Teleporter Latest Version

Additional information: This mission presents the preliminary preparations for an additional major heist. you are doing not got to get prepared in any particular way for this mission, nor save the sport , because you'll not got to take any decision after the reconnaissance ends. This doesn't mean, though, that this mission is linear in its course - at specific moments you'll be ready to decide whether you would like to play as Michael or Trevor.

Start by paying a visit to the strip club and getting to the office at the rear of the club, because of which you'll watch a extended cutscene. After you narrow to Michael, get into your car, await Franklin to hitch you and drive towards the bank. you'll now choose if you continue to want to regulate Michael, or even move Trevor. Personally, i like to recommend that you simply choose variant one , because right after the reconnaissance, playing as Michael, the sport will make the switch anyways. you would like now to look at the bank's main entrance (press and hold down the cinematic camera button) then , the gate located at the rear of the building.

After you narrow to Trevor, go towards the airport in Sandy Shores. The important piece of data is that the sport will start a stopwatch and you can't afford an excessive amount of time, because you'll need to perform al of the preliminary activities before 15:30. After you reach the airport, get into the chopper (Frogger), await Lester to hitch you and fly Southwards, towards the Murrieta Heights district.
GTA San Andreas Interior Teleporter Latest Version
GTA San Andreas Interior Teleporter Latest Version

GTA San Andreas Interior Teleporter Latest Version

GTA San Andreas Interior Teleporter Latest Version

The aim to the present flight is to seek out the convoy traveling the Murietta Heights, consisting of two armored vans. no matter the time during which you've got came , the stopwatch will disappear and you'll start following the vans. Above all, remember that you simply shouldn't fly too on the brink of the convoy, which can not only cause you to fail the mission, but also to lose the prospect to finish it in 100%.

While following the trucks, it pays off to modify to the cinematic camera on a daily basis, which can show you the view from Lester's camera. It is, beat all, an honest idea because using this view, will make it easier to fly the chopper during a line . Along your way, look out for bridges and fly underneath, at least, one among them. Try to not lose the visuals of the vans, because you'll not be ready to spot them on your radar but, at an equivalent time, don't exaggerate with following them too closely, especially that they're going to be making frequent stops for, e.g. traffic lights.

Towards the top of this phase, the vans will drive into a tunnel and, if you're planning on completing this mission in 100%, you would like to fly into that tunnel also (the above screenshot). During the flight along the tunnel, perform slight movements with the analog stick within the attempt to not hit the walls too often, which might end in the destruction of the chopper. The vans will soon enter a garage, which suggests an end to following them.

Without expecting Lester's instructions, fly behind the bank right after you regain control over the chopper, and hover above the development site shown within the screenshot. Allow Lester a careful check out the world .

Towards the top of the mission, you would like to make a decision who you would like to end the mission as - a choice that's not getting to have any pertaining to how the mission ends. If you continue to want to play as Trevor, you'll need to return to the airport with Lester. If you narrow to Michael, you'll need to take Franklin back to his estate within the Vinewood Hills.

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