GTA San Andreas Cj Super Power Mod

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GTA San Andreas Cj Super Power Mod

Additional information: This mission isn't too demanding. Its main highlight is that the ability to use the camera mounted on the police chopper, first to locate the famous movie producer, and to trace him during his escape on a really rare car. the ultimate stage of the mission is that the drive on the abovementioned vehicle, amid a police pursuit.

If you begin off as Franklin, the mission will start when Trevor is already airborne

I recommend against beginning this mission as Franklin (the El Burro Heights base), because you'll miss, this way, visiting the police headquarters .

If you've got selected Trevor, you'll start this mission by getting to the precinct within the Strawberry district. Have a brief conversation with the person staying within the first are of the building and take the door bent the staircase (Locked Rooms). Climb up the steps to succeed in the rooftop and obtain into the helicopter (Police Maverick). what's interesting, you'll not be piloting the helicopter itself, and only controlling the on-board camera.

Spend a while learning the camera's controls. Panning the view and zooming in is completed with both analog sticks. the acceptable buttons/triggers are liable for eavesdropping on the conversations of the targeted individuals, also as for scanning them. Start by targeting the primary blue rectangle and, after the helicopter gets there, perform a scan of Franklin's.

GTA San Andreas Cj Super Power Mod

Target onto the new rectangles and, after the helicopter comes near, start scanning the marked individuals. i like to recommend that, before you begin scanning all of the persons, you ought to also activate the on-board microphone, to concentrate to their conversations (this is required for the completion of this mission in 100%).

Also this point , you'll fail to seek out the suspect, i.e. Chad Mulligan. Again, direct the chopper into a replacement target group. you are doing not need here to scan all of them, and only the person shown within the above screenshot, because that's Mulligan. Start the method of following him. you would like to attend until the music producer reaches the garage, where he's keeping his valuable car.

Mulligan will soon start escaping from Franklin and Trevor's task are going to be to trace the car using the on-board camera. Because you're handling a quick moving target here, you ought to consider zooming out, and don't worry if you lost your visuals of the car, because this is often only temporary. This a part of the mission ends when Mulligan drives into a multi-storey parking zone .
GTA San Andreas Cj Super Power Mod
GTA San Andreas Cj Super Power Mod

You do not got to worry about having lost the person you're tracking. await the helicopter to lower its altitude and therefore the thermal vision camera becomes available. Target the person shown within the screenshot immediately , within the car parked within the parking zone .

Wait until you narrow to Franklin. it might be an honest idea to kill Mulligan, who has been, until recently escaping on his car. Otherwise, soon after the car theft, the sport will initiate a two-star pursuit. For obvious reasons, not only will this extend this mission, but also increase the danger of damaging the car. Get into the rare car (Truffade Z-Type), drive out of the underground parking zone (try to not hit anything) and drive towards the airport within the southern a part of Los Santos.

After several moments, a two-star pursuit will start and, since the car that you simply are driving is neither fast nor maneuverable, you'd better wait through the whole pursuit during a side alley, or a tunnel. After you reach the airport, stop at the control gate and drive into the hangar on the left. the sole thing left for you to try to to is leave the airport, which can conclude this mission.

How To Use

Press "R" for "Ray of Light" Power

Press "B" for "Explosion" Power

Download Link: Click Here

Password: Fully Update Games

Size: 9MB 

File Name:Cj Super Power Mod 

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