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GTA San Andreas Cheat Menu RZL Trainer Mod


GTA San Andreas Cheat Menu RZL Trainer Mod 

Head to the interrogation point on your map, located on a neighborhood of Columbus Avneue in Algonquin that's currently under construction (necessitating that you simply drive nearby, get out, and head into the event arrow by walking rather than driving). Once there, the girl you knew as Michelle will begin and smoke a cigarette as she and Niko have a clumsy conversation. She then brings you into the skyscraper, where you meet another guy who refuses to offer you his name. However, he seems to possess Niko by the balls, as it was, and asks him to travel lookout of a Russian mobster back in Hove Beach (the very first area within the game you travel to). And like that, you're transported back outside and sent on your way.

Boost a car nearby, being careful to not attract any police attention. Then, head back over to the Broker/Dukes island with the assistance of your vehicle's GPS. The route you're taking will likely bring you south in Algonquin then over the Broker Bridge into the borough of Broker, since your destination is true on the opposite side of the bridge. You're headed for Iroquois Avenue, around your old stomping grounds. Once you reach your destination, get out of your car and head to the door marked by the yellow arrow.

GTA San Andreas Cheat Menu RZL Trainer Mod

You'll find Oleg's house empty. There seems to be little or no here of interest apart from a laptop suspiciously sitting on alittle table within the front room . Niko will call his mysterious contact and let him know what he's found, and he'll then be ordered to logon and check the guy's e-mail. Approach the laptop, following an equivalent on-screen prompt to logon to the present machine as you are doing at an in-game internet café. Check his e-mail (again, same interface because the internet café computers). you will find three e-mails, but only the highest one is vital . Once you read it, Niko will call his contact back automatically and let him know what he finds. Since you now have a replacement location to go to (Tulsa Street in Hove Beach), you've got to go there and eliminate the target.
GTA San Andreas Cheat Menu RZL Trainer Mod

GTA San Andreas Cheat Menu RZL Trainer Mod

GTA San Andreas Cheat Menu RZL Trainer Mod

From Oleg's place, the GPS will take you on a quick route to a replacement location on the aforementioned Tulsa Street. this may be a very brief ride. For the record, you ought to end up alittle , fast car, because the upcoming chase is epic, and can take a while . Small cars do not have the best physical integrity, but without one, you are going to possess a tough time zipping in and out of traffic and maintaining . Regardless, once you reach your destination, a lover of Oleg's (your target) will alert him that he's being watched. And a bit like that, he zips off in his car.

The upcoming pursuit may be a long one. Save your ammunition -- firing at him incessantly isn't getting to work. you would like to ascertain this chase through to the very end. the sport will provide you with a warning on-screen if you're close to lose him, which may be a sign to you to tread on the gas and obtain your ass geared . His travels over the bridge are especially annoying, and you will understand why you wanted not only a quick car, but alittle car for this chase. When you've finally tailed him successfully for several minutes, start bumping him and force him to crash. When his vehicle takes enough damage, he'll surrender, staying in his car and begging for mercy. Show him none. Point a gun of your choice at him and eliminate him. Then, the mission involves an end.

How To Install

How To Use

Numpad 2/ Arrow Down = Down
Numpad 4/ Arrow Left = Left
Numpad 6/ Arrow Right = Right
Numpad 9/ Page Up = Up 15 Line (If Possible)
Numpad 3/ Page Down = Down 15 Line (If Possible)

Dpad Right = Accept
Dpad Left = Back

Dpad Up = Up
Dpad Down = Down

----------Shorcut Keyboard----------
Alt+1 = Player Options Menu
Alt+2 = Vehicle Options Menu
Alt+3 = Wanted Options Menu
Alt+4 = ---Not Finished Yet
Alt+5 = Teleport_Options Menu
Alt+6 = Mission_Options Menu
Alt+7 = Time_Options Menu
Alt+8 = Weather_Options Menu
Alt+9 = ---Not Finished Yet
Alt+0 = ---Not Finished Yet
Atl+Q = Air Break
Delete = Teleport To Marker
J = Teleport To Nearest Vehicle As Passenger
k = Teleport To Nearest Vehicle As Passenger

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 9MB 
File Name:Cheat Menu RZL Trainer Mod

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