GTA San Andreas Bicycle Pack Latest Version 2020


GTA San Andreas Bicycle Pack Latest Version 2020

Additional information: the first objective of this mission is to free Michael, who is being held by Wei Cheng's people. the primary a part of this mission assumes that you simply locate the place where Michael is being held, where the other is about rescuing him and, for obvious reasons, this is often getting to involve elimination many of the hostile gangsters.

Just like within the previous main mission, you would like to succeed in Franklin's former home, and playing either Trevor or Franklin isn't getting to matter here. After you watch the cutscene, move Franklin, get into your car and wait until you gain access to the Trackify app. within the meantime, you'll move Michael. After you watch a brief cutscene of the interrogation, return to the sport as Franklin. From the inventory, select the smartphone and initiate the Trackify app that Lester sent you.

You now got to get to the red dot displayed on the smartphone's display, i.e. to the South-East. The destination is that the meat factory, marked within the above screenshot. don't create a checkpoint there, because this may render you unable to finish this mission in 100%. Instead, believe the app's readings, especially that the health bar that you simply can see above the smartphone's display, are going to be slowly depleting.

After you reach the meat factory, get out of the car and deal first with the enemies within the yard ahead of the building (it may be a good idea to use a grenade launcher, or explosives here, to magnify one among the cars). After you clear the world , enter the building.

Starting with now , you'll take some time so, make use of all the covers that you simply encounter, and remain able to affect enemies, who will, unexpectedly happen behind Franklin. On your thanks to the hall where Michael is being held, it's an honest idea to seem for opportunities to eliminate the enemies within the brutal way, e.g. as a results of contact with the operating machinery.

After you reach Michael, press the acceptable button on the D-pad to throw him a pistol. After you've got move Michael, start eliminating the enemies that you simply can see within the distance, while using the time-slowing skill. you ought to also be careful for the extra enemies approaching from the left.

Soon you'll move Franklin. Go towards the freezer and check out to clear it thoroughly. Franklin are going to be attacked by an assailant with a knife and, after Michael kills him, you'll regain control over him. Note - along your way ahead, i might recommend that you simply don't cut between characters too actually because , it's one among the wants of completion of this mission that you simply limit such cuts to 3 .

After you create it to the factory's exit, quickly get into the car parked ahead of the building (Invetero Coquette) and drive towards Michael's estate, North-West of here. Soon, Franklin and Michael are going to be chased by Cheng's people. Ignore them and specialise in driving, because of which you'll lose them, sooner or later.

GTA San Andreas Bicycle Pack Latest Version 2020
GTA San Andreas Bicycle Pack Latest Version 2020

GTA San Andreas Bicycle Pack Latest Version 2020

How To Use

Cheat Menu::Ctral+c
Car Cheat::Press 7

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 13MB 
File Name: Bicycle Pack Latest Version 2020

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