GTA San Andreas Ghost Rider Alpha 0.1

GTA San Andreas Ghost Rider Alpha 0.1:

GTA San Andreas, the iconic open-world action-adventure game, has captured the hearts of gamers worldwide with its immersive gameplay and extensive modding community. One such thrilling modification is the Ghost Rider Alpha 0.1 mod, which introduces the supernatural spirit of vengeance into the sprawling streets of San Andreas. In this article, we'll delve into the details of this mod, from its concept to its gameplay mechanics, allowing you to experience the thrill of embodying the iconic Marvel anti-hero in the virtual realm.

The Ghost Rider Alpha 0.1 mod for GTA San Andreas was developed by a dedicated modding team, inspired by the popular Marvel character, Ghost Rider. This mod aims to merge the gritty world of San Andreas with the supernatural abilities and fiery aesthetics of the Ghost Rider. It introduces an entirely new gameplay experience, where players can wreak havoc as the leather-clad vigilante, dispensing otherworldly justice to the city's criminals.

GTA San Andreas Ghost Rider Alpha 0.1 Latest Version

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Gameplay and Features

In this mode, players assume the role of Ghost Rider and navigate the vast open world of San Andreas on their flaming motorcycle, the Hell Cycle. The Hell Cycle is a fearsome vehicle, capable of performing incredible stunts and unleashing powerful attacks. As Ghost Riders, players can engage in various missions and activities, such as pursuing criminals, thwarting gang wars, and even battling supernatural enemies.

The mod also provides an array of Ghost Rider's supernatural abilities, including the iconic "Penance Stare." With this ability, players can inflict torment upon wrongdoers, forcing them to experience the pain they've inflicted upon others. Additionally, Ghost Rider can wield his fiery chain, using it as a versatile weapon to attack enemies from a distance or perform devastating melee combos.
GTA San Andreas Ghost Rider Alpha 0.1 Latest Version

GTA San Andreas Ghost Rider Alpha 0.1 Latest Version

GTA San Andreas Ghost Rider Alpha 0.1 Latest Version

GTA San Andreas Ghost Rider Alpha 0.1 Latest Version


The GTA San Andreas Ghost Rider Alpha 0.1 mod offers an exhilarating and immersive experience, allowing players to step into the shoes of the supernatural anti-hero. With its thrilling gameplay mechanics, visually stunning effects, and robust modding support, this modification breathes new life into an already beloved game. Whether you're a fan of Ghost Rider or simply seeking a fresh and exciting adventure in San Andreas, this mod is sure to captivate you. So gear up, ignite your chains, and embrace the infernal power of Ghost Rider as you embark on a fiery rampage through the streets of GTA San Andreas.

How To Use
  • Activation:: Rbe
  • Deactivation:: of
  • Select Car Menu:: B
  • Select Car:: Right\Left Arrow
  • Flame On\Off:: E\F
  • Off Menu:: Space
  • Destroy Car:: G
  • FireBall:: R
  • Teleport on Marker:: X
  • Activation\Deactivation Chain:: H
  • Chain Special Attack 1:: RMB
  • Chain Special Attack 2:: LMB
  • Special Attack 1:: Tab + 1 
  • Special Attack 2:: Tab + 2
  • Special Attack 3:: Tab + 3
  • Punishing Gaze:: E
  • Flamethrower:: RMB
  • All Firearm Now Have the Ability to Explode Target
  • Vehicles Drive on Water

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 26. MB 
File Name: Ghost Rider Alpha 0.1

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