GTA San Andreas Zoom Super Fast Power Mod

GTA San Andreas Zoom Super Fast Power Mod

Lester's home is within the Southeastern Los Santos. More precisely, it's within the El Burro Heights district. After you get there, park your car ahead of the house, and go towards the doorway to satisfy up with an old flame of Michael's. Lester will want to exact revenge on Jay Norris, the owner of the LifeInvader corporation.

Clothes store
The first a part of the plan assumes purchasing a disguise which will help Michael make himself resemble the opposite employees at Norris's company. to try to to that, you would like to succeed in the Suburban clothes store within the Northern a part of the town , within the Vinewood district. Enter the shop, ask the saleswoman and choose one among the weather suggested by the sport (they cost 120 dollars each).

GTA San Andreas Zoom Super Fast Power Mod

The back entrance to the corporate
Exit the shop and begin your journey to Rockford Hills, because that's where the headquarters for the LifeInvader company is found . Park near the building and go towards the rear entrance, which can start a cutscene showing a nifty thanks to get into the office. Follow the programmer that Michael met inside the building.

Now, you'll play a funny mini-game. Start shutting down pop-ups with pesky advertisements, by clicking the X symbol within the upper-right corner of every window. After you've got cleared the screen, click quickly on the icon of the AntEater Antivirus (shown within the screenshot). Scan the pc and Exterminate all of the viruses.

The entrance to the space with the prototype
After you've got watched another cutscene, enter the side room to let Michael modify the prototype of the new device stored within the office. Return along an equivalent path that you simply took to urge here and exit the LifeInvader office. don't return to Lester's house and attend Michael's estate instead. Go here to the front room and switch the TV on.
How To Install

Use the left analog stick with flip through channels. Keep doing that until you reach the transmission from the announcement by Jay Norris. In accordance with the knowledge that you simply have received, you would like to attend for Norris to present the gang with the prototype of the device. Select the phone from Michael's inventory, access Contacts and call Jay Norris (the above screenshot). Watch the explosive finale and hear the conversation with Lester.

Activate the mod - "CapsLock Z"

----------- Opportunities ----------
Slow Motion Fight Capeslocks+1

Fast Running: W+SPACE

Electric body (effects) - Automatic activation.

Super fast animations - Automatic activation.

Super fast running - Automatic activation.

Replenish health Automatically activated.

Infinite health is Activated when the option "Rapid perception".

Sound effects - Activation when running.

Running along the water Activation while running.

New effects - Activation when running.


------------ Management ------------

Throw Lightning - 1
(Works stable)

Running through walls - 2

A quick replenishment of health - 3
(Works stable)

Fast perception - TAB (On/Off)
(Works stable)
GTA San Andreas Zoom Super Fast Power Mod
GTA San Andreas Zoom Super Fast Power Mod

GTA San Andreas Zoom Super Fast Power Mod

GTA San Andreas Zoom Super Fast Power Mod

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 12 MB 
File Name: Zoom Super Fast Power Mod

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