GTA San Andreas Super Bikes Mod Pack With Jump Ramp Stunting


GTA San Andreas Super Bikes Mod Pack With Jump Ramp Stunting

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GTA San Andreas Super Bikes Mod Pack

Now, you'll need to escape a three-star police pursuit and, if you've got not yet participated during this quite things, it's good to understand that, aside from the cruiser , also a police chopper will join the chase. you would like to lose the policemen so, first you would like to maneuver before the enforcers and find an underground parking zone , or a tunnel or (if there's nothing better around) and alley or the other secluded place where you'll wait until the chase is over. During your escape, it's an honest idea to use Franklin's special skill, to be ready to take sharp turns and obtain into the narrow alleyways with none problems. so as to, officially, complete this mission, you would like to require your friends into the vicinities of Franklin's house.

How To Install

How To Use

Press '1' to spawn a Jump Ramp with SpeedBooster.
Press '3' to spawn a Jump Ramp without SpeedBooster.
The SpeedBooster increases your speed threefold.
The greater your original speed, the stronger the boost.
Vehicle spawner :: Press 7
Cheat Menu :: Press Ctrl C

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 37 MB 
File Name: Super Bikes Mod Pack

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