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GTA San Andreas Mafia Sender V1.5 Cheat Menu

GTA San Andreas Mafia Sender V1.5 Cheat Menu

The next destination is that the plant located to the South-West of the shop . After you get there, prepare your shotgun (or the other good weapon). Enter the building and attend the upper floor, thus reaching the space where you'll watch another cutscene.

GTA San Andreas Mafia Sender V1.5 Cheat Menu

Right after the cutscene, dash into the neighboring room, stand behind the crates and begin firing at the primary group of the Ballas. it's an honest idea to use the newly-bought shotgun here, because, in most cases, one shot will do the trick. Remember, also, that you simply got to monitor Lamar's and Stretch's health because the death of either of them equals failing the whole mission automatically. After you eliminate the enemies, collect the ammo and weapons from their corpses, and follow your companions.

How To Install

How To Use

Add To Game Folder

How To Use In Game (Controls)

Prees (6 + M)   To Open Menu
Prees (up or down)  To Scrool
Prees (left or right) To Change Value Or Other Id
Prees (enter)  To Exit Menu
Prees (space)  To Accept Options

How To Operate

1 Select Vehicle NumberOff Prees < or >
2 Select Weapons Type For Gangsters Prees < or >
3 Prees Space And Look For Black Vehicles

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 9 MB 
File Name: Mafia Sender V1.5 Cheat Menu

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