GTA San Andreas Super Heroes Pack 2020 Download

GTA San Andreas Super Heroes Pack 2020 Download 

Superheroes Pack
A Pack of Some Superheroes.
The powers of all the Superheroes are very Amazing.
This Pack contain 3 Mods:
(1) Black Panther (Beta)
(2) Iron Man
(3) Flash

How To Install

Features And Controls of All Superheroes

(1) Black Panther (Beta)


Type Cheat:: PANTHERON to activate, then click your selected character.

The player must be in FIST for these attacks to work.

AIM KEY + R : Use Claws Slash, hold if you want to do continuous attack.
effective on normal enemies, vehicles.
Kinetic Redistribution Controls (If the suit glows controls):
AIM KEY + Z : Redistribute while on ground.
effective especially if you're crowded by enemies.
LEFT MOUSE BUTTON : Redistribute while on air.
effective against flying enemies like helis.
AIM KEY + hold E : Focus redistribution on a TARGETED enemy,
Useful and effective on stronger/strongest enemies.
Targets with huge amounts of health or even immunities.
Can also be used for regular targets but it can be
a waste if you can just use the claws on them.
But it's still fun.

Type PANTHEROFF to be CJ again.

(2) Iron Man

Enter "IRONMAN" to activate the mode.
Enter "IRON" to deactivate the mod.
SHIFT + C-Flight/Space to accelerate, slow Shift, turn off flight F.
TAB + Caps Lock-open the menu of weapons, A or D choice of weapons.

(3) Flash

Office: enter "FLASHE" to activate "fashion" to deactivate FLASHD. Press 1 to enable Sprint. M-menu special attacks. Tab + F-character selection Menu Cntrl + F menu selection of enemies. CapsLock + F-Allied selection menu. W-Average running speed W + SPACEBAR-Fast running speed. W + space + PTP-maximum speed. During the Sprint press F c cars and you sit in it.

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 50MB 
File Name: Super Heroes Pack 2020 

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