GTA San Andreas New Speedometer Mod

GTA San Andreas New Speedometer Mod

Additional information: All this mission is about attacking and destroying the methamphetamine laboratory - and it's easiest to try to to with muffled precision rifle . Trevor should have this weapon from one among previous main missions. But if you do not have any, i like to recommend to go to one among Ammu-Nation shops and buy one.

Begin from visiting the inn again to satisfy Mr. Cheng. once you get unsatisfying (delicately) answer, head for O'Neil brothers' farm on the north-east from the country town. once you get there, get out of the car and approach the viewpoint suggested by the sport to urge oriented within the situation.

GTA San Andreas New Speedometer Mod

As i discussed , precision rifle could also be very useful during this mission, because it allow you to clear the neighborhood without alarms and getting involved in direct shootouts. I suggest to start from eliminating person shown on the screen above, who is looking around via the binoculars. Then, lookout about enemies at the upper balconies and found out next to the shutters.

Enemies placed on rock bottom should leave soon during a white van - so you'll allow them to roll in the hay or kill them earlier. At the very end specialise in two persons found out next to the shed. If you do not want to boost an alarm, kill those enemies one after another.

If you followed my hints related with killing enemies, you will have only those inside the building to affect . you'll still use your precision rifle , but which will alarm enemies during this moment. The simplification may be a fact, that they do not have your firepower and they'll die, mostly, before you bought into their range. Other interesting variants of behavior is to throw grenades through the window or simply get inside the building and start the slaughter with, for instance , a shotgun.
GTA San Andreas New Speedometer Mod
GTA San Andreas New Speedometer Mod

When you secure the entire building, find stairs resulting in the basement and eliminate the last enemy there (don't get tricked, he's armed and he'll pull the gun call at the previous moment). you'll devour a gas canister.

The final a part of this mission is merely a pleasure. Start pouring out the gas from the canister moving outside the building. Drop the canister and aim at the gas traces on the bottom - once you fire at that, the hearth starts spreading out. The last item you've got to try to to is to maneuver faraway from this place.

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