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GTA San Andreas Real Indicator Light Mod Pc

GTA San Andreas Real Indicator Light Mod Pc

Additional information: you do not need to prepare to the present mission in the least , because during performing it, Michael will lose all his things. As of the mission itself, it's very interesting, because it includes deed from the coroner's office and begins within the ... mortuary. The last a part of mission may be a rather demanding, three-star chase.

To begin this mission, you've got to urge to the observatory, on north from Los Santos, on the Vinewood hills. Approach the observatory from north, get out of the car and head for the viewpoint where Dave awaits (Michael's contact in FIB). hear the conversation about infiltration the coroner's office and verifying if Ferdinand Kerimov is dead for real.

GTA San Andreas Real Indicator Light Mod Pc

When Michaels wakes up within the mortuary, you'll rise up from the section table or hear the doctors conversation. within the other case, don't wait too long, because surgeons will start to chop Michael's body what is going to kill him, apparently.

When you regain full control, activate the sneak mode and approach the primary enemy from behind and eliminate him in melee fight. devour his pistol and search both bodies within the mortuary. you will get to understand , that Kerimov isn't among the dead men here. hear the new conversation with Dave.

From now on, you would like to require into consideration additional complications, because you will have to eliminate hostile agents on your thanks to the exit. Begin from killing the one that appears within the main corridor, then head left and affect more enemies during this area. During all those encounters, i like to recommend to use special Michael's ability, a movie , which helps you eliminate enemies with quick headshots. do not forget also to use covers as often as you'll .
GTA San Andreas Real Indicator Light Mod Pc
GTA San Andreas Real Indicator Light Mod Pc

Move forward and take care next to the reception - be read to quickly eliminate an enemy, who runs out from the nearby elevator. you'll take his burp gun . Find a med kit attached on the proper wall and choose door resulting in the staircase. As you'll probably find out , you meet another agent on the steps . Enter the new corridor, kill an enemy and go right. Choose another stairs and kill another person while climbing up.

When you get to the new, big area, affect closest enemies and be prepared for a replacement attack, from the direction of staircase. After fights, shop around and find a black bag (screen above). Open it and collect all Michael's weapon which he has lost.

How To Install

How To Use

K  wipers;
Press "Z" to Enable Left indicators.
Press "C" to Enable Right indicators. 
Press "X" to Enable all indicators.
Press "Shift" to Disable indicators

Download Link::Link
Size 4 MB
Price Free
Password::Fully Update Games

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